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Why do we need criticism? Does it is useful😱😳

Many people work anonymously. If something goes wrong, only the boss will find out about their mistake. However, this method of work is completely ineffective: perhaps now you are the best specialist in the department or even in the company. What about the rest of the world? Going beyond which and talking with the same people, you can suddenly learn that your skills are not so good.

You will ask a good question: “Why should I go anywhere at all?” I’m still here pretty well. ” Nevertheless, try to look at the situation from a different angle: do you want to be a man who has not achieved anything truly worthwhile?

Why do we need criticism?

As they say, in his own eye man and a log will not see. Even if you think that you know how to criticize yourself, do not forget that this is still only one point of view – yours. Real professionals and geniuses are born under the yoke of condemnation and criticism from other people.

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Nevertheless, people do not like to listen to how their work is discussed and found flawed in it. Agree, this is not like anyone – it is much more pleasant to receive compliments and flattering reviews. But can you foresee the reaction of all people? Can you see the work yourself soberly, evaluate it from all conceivable points of view? No, only other people who are not interested in your work can do this.

Criticism, cruel, merciless, truthful and picky, can actually make you and your work many times better. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to close down and ignore the remark of another person.

Becoming Stronger and Growing Higher

One of the most useful and valuable skills that life can give you is the ability to hold a blow. It’s easiest to break under the condemnation. To withstand tough criticism, listen to every little detail and grow up – a skill that will help you become better.

But what if the critic really treated you rough enough? Not every condemnation is able to withstand calmly any mentally healthy person. Therefore, it is recommended to get the support of close people first. Introduce your friend to your work, listen to the compliments, understand that they are exactly the same truth as the subsequent criticism. The difference is that these are two different points of view, each of which you as an excellent specialist should accept with gratitude.

Do not make excuses, do not close, do not insist on your rightness, especially if the critic is a great professional than you. Listen to his claims and take them into service – then you can become a better specialist than he is at record time. forests from another planet in the world of interest Why do we need criticism? Does it is useful😱😳

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