Egyptian names for cats and their meanings

In Ancient Egypt, the cat was a symbol of fertility and sun, was revered by the people. If you also consider your pet to be a divine being, look at the Egyptian nicknames for cats and cats and select the suitable one.

List of names:

Well the names will suit the cats of the Sphynx breed. An ordinary domestic cat can also be given an exquisite name, which came from an ancient civilization. But boys and girls can not be called alike – Egyptian male and female names differ significantly from each other.

Egyptian nicknames for cats

Cats are independent and laid-back animals. Unlike cats, they have a more rigid and straightforward temperament, just like the wise gods and rulers of Egypt.

Egyptian names for cats of boys in honor of the gods:

  • Aikhi is the god of music;
  • Aker is the god of the underworld;
  • Amon is the patron of the sun;
  • The anti – god of the desert;
  • Anubis – the god of the kingdom of the dead;
  • Apis – the god of fertility;
  • Horus – the god of the sun;
  • Ihi – the god of music;
  • Monta is the god of war;
  • The grain non-grain;
  • Nefertum – the god of vegetation;
  • Nun is the father of all the gods;
  • Onuris – the god of hunting and war;
  • Osiris is the god of regeneration;
  • Ptah is the creator;
  • Seth – the god of thunder and desert
  • He is the god of wisdom;
  • Shecem – patron of winemaking;
  • Shu – the god of the air;
  • Shai is the patron of man;
  • Yah – the god of the moon.

Egyptian nicknames for cats in honor of pharaohs of various dynasties:

  • Ajib,
  • Amenemhet;
  • Jer;
  • Jehuti;
  • Joser;
  • Den;
  • Menkaure,
  • Menkaukhor;
  • Ramesses;
  • Sebek;
  • Tutankhamun;
  • Thutmose;
  • Wadji,
  • Unis;
  • The Hub,
  • Hanger;
  • Khufu;
  • Akhenaten;
  • Ahmose.

Choose the name for the kitten in color:

The Egyptian name will perfectly suit the thoroughbred purr:

Egyptian names for cats and their meanings

In ancient Egypt cats were revered so much that even some goddesses were depicted with cat heads. Give your pet the most refined name, the most suitable for temperament.
Egyptian names for girls’ cats and their meanings:

  • Amaunet is the progenitor of the world;
  • Anat – the goddess of hunting;
  • Astarte is the goddess of love and fertility
  • Bast – the goddess-cat, the symbol of joy;
  • Isis – the symbol of femininity;
  • Iht is the heavenly goddess;
  • Kebhut – goddess of cool water
  • Ma’at is the goddess of truth;
  • Mafdet is the goddess of the sun;
  • Menkerot – the goddess-lioness
  • Mescant is the goddess of newborns
  • Mut is the goddess-mother;
  • Nauneet – the personification of the night sky
  • Nate is the goddess of war, water and the sea;
  • Nephthys is the goddess of beauty;
  • Nehbet is the goddess of royal power;
  • Nut – goddess of the sky;
  • Sekhmet – the goddess of the scorching sun
  • Sia is the goddess of wisdom;
  • Tefnut – the goddess of power;
  • Wadjet is the patroness of Egypt;
  • Upes – the goddess of flame
  • Uto is the keeper of the pharaoh
  • Hatshepsut is the queen;
  • Hathor is the goddess of heaven and love;
  • Hessemet – the goddess-lioness.

After a cursory review of the lists, you can choose a few names you like and study their history in more detail in order to best describe your favorite cat.

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