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Does recording your thoughts very useful?πŸ€”πŸ€”

The average person has 50 thousand thoughts every day. Now try to remember 100 of these thoughts for today. Unreal, right? There is nothing to worry about, that we forget most of them, because our brains must filter out unnecessary information so that we do not go crazy. The fact is that in the course of this process, we also forget a lot of really good ideas.

● Brilliant ideas often arise when people are not ready for them

That’s right: most ideas appear when your brain is in a “scattered mode.” You are not really focused on anything: let’s say, when you dream about something or relax in a hot bath. Creative ideas arise precisely in a relaxed mind. However, we have neither the strength nor the desire to fix these thoughts at least somehow, and therefore we soon lose them and forget them.

● Never trust your own brain, and memory in particular

Quite often the ideas that visit us when we are in a “scattered mode” may look a little abstract. In reality, these are your most progressive thoughts: amazing, non-standard and innovative. Can you recall at least one outstanding and breakthrough idea that came to you while taking a shower? Of course not. It slipped through the “cracks” in your memory, and you forgot about it, because you did not take the time to write it down. You think that if such an idea is so important, then you will remember it and later embody it. But it disappears, and we remain in complete uncertainty: “I know, I wanted to do something, but I do not remember at all what exactly.”

%name Does recording your thoughts very useful?πŸ€”πŸ€”

● Do not be lazy – write down a great idea, even if you are sure that you probably will not forget it

Keep your writing tools at hand, but not in sight. When you put the pen and notebook in front of you, your thoughts will only focus on them, and you will not be in a “scattered mode.” You can also capture ideas in a laptop or in phone applications. Although the “old-fashioned” pen and notebook are still more effective.

● Do not give in to the desire to streamline thoughts

If you want to order your fresh thoughts without delay, know: this is a trap. Their organization is a separate task for later when you go into the concentration mode (that is, the opposite to the diffusive regime). Swim with the flow of relaxed thinking and calmly write down your thoughts. If you start organizing them as they are received, you will lose a lot of ideas, focusing only on one of them. You will also lose motivation, as you begin to load the brain to work and complicate the whole process.

Periodically review fixed ideas

When your thoughts are written down, start slowly analyzing them so that you can then transform them into something more useful and applicable. Think about these ideas several times a week. During the analysis, you can filter out a number of less interesting options, streamline them and start developing potentially more promising ones. By the way, the overwhelming majority of people have a lot of amazing ideas, but only a few have taken the trouble to write them down. And those who are not lazy to record, get a great chance to succeed in life. forests from another planet in the world of interest Does recording your thoughts very useful?πŸ€”πŸ€”

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