Doctor found 27 contact lenses in the eye of patient

This case was described this month in the medical journal BMJ. The author of the article, Rupal Morjaria, said that women did not complain about any eye problems before the surgery. The anesthesiologist had already begun his work when he noticed lenses lying in the eyes of the woman.

“He put a pencil on his eyelid to prevent the envelope, and started anesthesia when he noticed a blue mass under the upper eyelid,” CNN told the doctor. It had 17 clogged lenses. After re-examination, another 10 were found.

“We were all shocked,” said Morjaria. – We never saw it. ”

A spokeswoman for the American Ophthalmology Academy said that it is common problem where patients have many lenses attached to their eyes, but not so many of them were heard. A woman said she has been wearing a monthly contact lens for 35 years, but it’s unclear when the lenses were left in her eyes.

For doctors, she said that sometimes, when she wanted to remove the lens from the eye, she could not find it. The woman noticed that they might have abandoned them. Although there were 27 lenses in the right eye, none was in the left eye.

According to R.Morjaria, the article writes that doctors want to warn about the consequences of contact lenses being carried away for a long time without regular visits to a doctor.

If you don’t take out your lenses for a long periods and feel some slight discomfort in the eye, you should seek medical advice.

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