Do you have a so-called “crescent” on your nails? Learn what it means

The white crescent of the base of the nail is called the moon or the hole. The thumb usually has a moon at its base, and on the little finger it is practically absent. They are associated primarily with blood circulation and the heart. And one more fact, seen at all – on the thumb, they were noticeably larger than on all the other nails. A normal hole covers from one fifth to one quarter of the surface of the nail. Fingeless nails are a sign of a hereditary predisposition to high blood pressure, heart failure, or heart disease. When examining the wells, do not pay too much attention to the thumbs of the thumbs. Even if there are no holes on all the other fingers, they are usually on the thumbs. If they are not there, the problem with blood pressure is very serious. 1496676796 912 do you have a so called crescent on your nails learn what this shows Do you have a so called crescent on your nails? Learn what it means

Wells that are larger than normal are signs of low blood pressure and are sometimes observed in athletes.

If the holes are missing on all the fingers, then this may indicate a lack of vitamin B-12, circulatory disorders or unstable blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, neuroses, and possibly increased pain sensitivity.

A greatly enlarged hole on all the fingernails of the hand means heart weakness. The middle or small moons at the base of the nails talk about normal blood pressure and good character.

Wells of irregular shape or different size indicate problems with glands, hypertension or mood swings.

Discoloration of the bases of the nails is an early sign of jaundice or liver weakness. If the crescent at the base of the nail is blue – means violations in the liver, red – a sign of heart failure. do you have a so called crescent on your nails learn what this shows Do you have a so called crescent on your nails? Learn what it means

Each finger is associated with a specific organ or group of organs: Big brain and skull. At heavy smokers or at people who have problems with lungs, holes will be small and thin. Eastern medicine, by the way, believes that if a person does not have a hole on his thumb, then he does not have everything right with his head. Most people have a hole on their thumb. Indications: light, large intestine, organs for gynecology.

If the hole on it is significantly reduced or even absent, you need to pay special attention to the state of the intestines, liver and pancreas. The middle finger is the circulatory system and the vascular system. If the hole on the nail of the middle finger is absent, the person has malfunctions with arterial pressure, veins and capillaries. Nameless, kidney, endocrine system. The little finger is the heart, the small intestine. That’s why, with age, the first little finger disappears. The small intestine is slagged and, as a result, the hole disappears. All this leads to disturbances in the endocrine system (the throat of the ring finger is thinned), the heart can not stand negative changes (the hole disappears on the nail of the middle finger), and the large intestine also gives up last. Pay attention to the nails of our grandparents, you will be very surprised – the condition of their holes may be better than that of children or even grandchildren. Business in today’s lifestyle, malnutrition and poor ecology

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