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Discomfort with the Habit of Living😠😱😒

Generation, brought up on the idea of ​​limitations

Ever wondered why in the modern world such popularity is enjoyed by the idea about how to go beyond comfort? People in batches are swallowed by motivating books in an attempt to overcome their laziness. They say to themselves: “you need to bite your teeth and work at the limit”, “enough to be a rag, stand up against it.” And then add oil to the fire with the help of extremely early rises, hellish training, food or moral constraints. They put on wear, scoff at their resources to meet the unrealistic requirements of society. But why?👎

All this is done because society encourages life in discomfort, considers it to be the norm, an example of endurance to which one should strive. We are told: “Is it not cool to pump skills and will power, to be better than yourself?” In this idea, it is easy to guess the demands of the inner parent, who all childhood urged us that ill treatment is a useful thing. “Be patient, you cannot do only what you want.” “We all have obligations, not now!” So we were taught to ignore the body’s signals, turning the idea of ​​discomfort into the only true norm of existence.

The formation of a destructive installation

The child’s thinking is uncritical, everything that adults say, he takes in fact. Therefore, when children are convicted of the normalcy of events, in fact uncomfortable, offensive or scary – at this moment a destructive message forms a distorted model of the world. The child unconsciously receives an attitude to ignore his desires and feelings, to hammer the bolt to needs, to suffer pain, humiliation, to allow others to encroach on their borders.

And then an adult grows up, cut off from his sensations, unable to rest on the feeling of comfort. What is security and personal space? For him, this is an empty sound. That’s why he always gets sick, gets in the wrong company, allows the boss or partner to wipe his feet. Personal self-awareness simply falls out of the list of significant things, just as the word “convenience” interests him little in planning his own future. To live next to an authoritarian partner of such a person becomes normal, tolerate the provocative behavior of friends – natural, agree to an uncomfortable work schedule … everyone does it! And this can not be frightening…

the habit of living in discomfort Discomfort with the Habit of Living😠😱😒

When to discomfort?

A sense of discomfort helps a person to control their own boundaries. With his help, the body signals to the brain when it is necessary to satisfy hunger, protect from the cold, relieve physical stress or lose negative emotions. If you continue to suffer inconveniences, ignore the danger, you can drive yourself into a depression, ruining your inner potential.

The only reason to suffer discomfort during a clearly defined period of time is the opportunity to achieve the desired goal, which will pay back the negative experiences a hundredfold. This includes preparing for the exams, which will allow you to obtain a diploma, and with its prospects in the future. Limiting yourself in spending for a purchase that will meet your expectations. Or, for example, taking discomfort during a long flight, which will allow you to enjoy a vacation. But one cannot live in constant tension without pursuing any goals.

How to make your life more enjoyable?

To do this every day, ask yourself the following questions: how comfortable am I in this situation with these people? Is it pleasant that everything that surrounds me? Is there something uncomfortable or irritating? How can I fix this?

If you hate your job for having to get an hour and a half to an office in a frenzied crush, think about what will help solve this problem: finding an apartment closer to your place of work, changing the schedule or other vacancies? If friends constantly touch painful points, behave too familiarly – maybe you should give up uncomfortable communication? When the partner does not give freedom, suffocates with jealousy, inflames conflicts – is it time for you to re-prioritize with him?

Ask yourself: how comfortable do I live, be friends, communicate, relax? And look for the optimal mode of life. Yes, it’s easier to be lazy on a couch with sandwiches than working on yourself, but look at the root. Sandwiches and pajama suit only at first, and then comfort comes a sense of own lack of demand, begins to crush, lack of money and boredom, which outweigh the small inconveniences associated with the boss and early rises. Do not outweigh? Change your occupation.

What is comfortable for you personally? Live in a relationship or enjoy complete emotional freedom? To know the joy of parenting or to devote oneself to professional self-realization? Is it sweet and have a couple of extra centimeters, or limit eating habits, but defiling in the shortest miniskirts? Each has its own comfort zone, it is important to monitor the internal state and stop enduring. This is the life in harmony with his “I”. forests from another planet in the world of interest Discomfort with the Habit of Living😠😱😒

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