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Criteria of Women’s Success or When it became fashionable to be ashamed of yourself?

Women seem to have gone mad. Only today she gave birth to a child, as in a couple of weeks she has been defileting on the catwalk in the swimsuit, demonstrating ideal forms. Yesterday she was diagnosed with cancer, but she won everything, not for a second having changed the busy schedule. The other manages to hold the position of director of a construction company, to hang out on business trips and at the same time alone to bring up five children. How do they manage it ?? Demonesses. Incredible. They deserve infinite respect …

And here, in contrast to the successful and independent, you sit, which can not cope even with a couple of extra pounds and depression after a break in relations. Dreams of a beautiful body remain a dream. Children have already eaten the foolish “Hercules” for a week, and the cat whines at the untidy toilet … Why can anyone alone, pull parents, children, careers and look stunning. And you, who graduated from high school with a red diploma and gave high hopes, could not find a decent profession, save a marriage and give children a decent future? Feeling of worthlessness covers with his head …

Overstated standards for women

I do not want to say much, but do not you think that modern society expects too much from a woman? To unleash a successful business, raise children, inspire her husband’s exploits, be feminine and beautiful, engage in yoga, self-development, feed everyone with healthy meals, and help those in need – all without detriment to themselves. To develop to infinity, because the fashion included women-sharks. Is it possible for a common man to cope with such a burden?

And I do not call for sabotage now. Development, the desire for the ideal in some measure is necessary to all, since it prompts to raise a lazy carcass from the sofa. Here are just a bust with the requirements, too high expectations are driven into depression. At some point, you break and understand, there is no more strength to match. And what happens then? Do you stop being worthy of a good life? Is it really necessary to bend in unnatural positions, exhaust the body with excessive loads, in order to earn a simple earthly happiness? I think it is not so.

We are different, we need to learn to live in harmony with ourselves

The first thing you need to remind yourself more often is that each person came to this world with his own set of talents and skills. This means everyone has his own special way, where there is no place for competitions and assessments. It’s silly to be ashamed of yourself and your past, to devalue the path you have traveled and achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Someone on highs live brightly, with music and scope, and someone is happy with a quiet paradise in the hut. Do not change yourself, be who you really are not. Focus on your own world, rather than newfangled trends, on what makes you happy.

Do not be level with others, do not seek to please other people’s tastes and requirements, it will not become easier from this. On the contrary, you risk losing yourself, forgetting your true desires behind outer tinsel. In order to establish a spiritual harmony, you need to understand your feelings, learn how to love what you are, even if you have a cheap dress and not silk panties at all. When the internal tension goes away, when you say goodbye to all “must” and “should”, only then will there be a chance to become happy.

It’s time to stop being comfortable!

Are not you tired of the role of a compliant and all-knowing young lady? Do not you get tired of pretending that you are comfortable with being a means to meet other people’s needs? And then drink wine and cry grief-girlfriends about a heavy fate, where no one cares about your soul and undiscovered potential. Nobody understands you, but are you ready to understand yourself, love, pamper yourself? That’s the same. When went into fashion to be ashamed of themselves and their natural weaknesses? Is it time to stop it?

The surrounding people do not always reflect our behavior, sometimes they are unbearable and ignorant simply by their nature. Remind yourself that the main criterion for a woman’s success is not the excess result of her activity, but the ability to match herself, live in harmony with her principles. You do not have to be equal to other people’s destinies, since everyone has initially different conditions of realization, receives different experience, different stock of resources and endurance. There is no general norm, there are you, inner aspirations and self-feelings. That’s why you need to focus on your body, your biorhythms and the voice of reason, which will tell you your measure of happiness and prosperity.

Do not seek to copy the fate of successful women, they are not you. Realize yourself, allow yourself to depart from the generally accepted standards and do not forget about the main criterion of the correctness of the path – a sense of pleasure from the chosen direction of realization. Be happy! forests from another planet in the world of interest Criteria of Womens Success or When it became fashionable to be ashamed of yourself?

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