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Being Human remains by these 10 rules…πŸ‘πŸ™

Wherever we are, and whoever we are, there are some rules that are an integral part of the human being. They unite us, bind us, and when we stick to them, we continue to be people.

1. Relations are everything

People should interact with people. We must love them, trust them, open up, learn from them, go to them and leave them. Growth takes place in society, in a common space. Do not be afraid to discover this space.

2. We all have a body. Learn to love him

On the whole planet there is only one such body as you have – and it’s yours. You own an absolute exclusivity. Recognize it and listen to it. You can not take good care of what you do not like, because you need to love it sincerely. Remember about healthy eating and exercise.

3. We all were once broken hearts

There are lessons that should be learned. A broken heart means that the lesson is not fully understood, and you need to learn to be prepared for such life situations. Be grateful that someone left the road so that your person could come into your life.

4. All that we need for a happy life is in ourselves

Know how to analyze and understand what is bad and what is good. If you do not draw conclusions, the risk is that you will be attracted to the same type of people, you will always carry the same baggage and run around the same relationship. Just a waste of time. Change the rules of the game!

5. Every person on the planet must go through something

Take a new look at things. If something more does not work for you, get rid of it. What really works will quickly take up vacant space. At first it will bring pain, but as a result, everything is only for the better. It’s like new shoes that you need to get used to. Do not hold on to those who pull you down.

10 rules to remain human Being Human remains by these 10 rules...πŸ‘πŸ™

6. On each road there are bumps

And they need either to go round or jump over. In fact, there is a third option – to stand still, but it is unproductive. Jumping over hummocks, you will feel uncomfortable, although this is the only way to the end and to the goal. Hummocks and bumps will someday end, and there will be a smooth and smooth freeway ahead.

7. Sometimes you will feel lonely

This is normal. This is what makes us human. You remember that every person on the planet must go through something. Perhaps not at the same time as you, and maybe not like you, but everyone loved, lost, was sick, frightened or killed with grief. We all come out of such situations with bruises and scars. And we are all lonely.

8. Do what you can not stop thinking about

If you can not stop thinking about something, it’s worth a try. So take the first step. Stop guessing about what you have to lose, and start visualizing what you need to win. And do not try to predict your path. When you do it right, you will have a drive, energy, creativity and resources. Built from scratch, they will not rise.

9. You can not like everything, and you can not like everyone. Therefore, save your time and energy for those who are dear to you

We spend too much time with unpleasant people because of obligations. Try to put on this restriction. Perhaps, you can not immediately leave work that you hate, but at least ask yourself this purpose. Life is worth spending on something that pleases you and brings joy.

10. Love is difficult. But this is your superpower

There are always a lot of reasons not to like. If your heart has been broken, you may not want to risk yourself again, but what you need to remember is that broken hearts are healing. And you can and you can love. It is in this feeling that human superpower is formed. forests from another planet in the world of interest Being Human remains by these 10 rules...πŸ‘πŸ™

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