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Are you 30 years old? Hope you have learnt the 6 discoveries… ✌️👐 👍😖

So you crossed the landmark line of life that was imprinted on the subcortex with new discoveries in understanding yourself, the surrounding world and its laws. On the one hand, the experience has accumulated more than enough, you survived the sea of ​​ups and downs, got a dozen of non-trivial stories in the treasury of life, found a couple of answers to long-tormented questions. On the other hand, the body is still in great shape, strength and intelligence at the peak of activity, and this is the ideal formula to realize the set goals.

6 discoveries that you will learn only when you are 30 years old Are you 30 years old? Hope you have learnt the 6 discoveries... ✌️👐 👍😖

What did you learn about life at this stage? We suggest discussing thoughts that are opened only by a 30-year-old.

6 truths that you will understand only when you are 30 years old!

1. Adults do not exist

At some point you look around and see bearded friends with a wedding ring on your finger and diapers under your armpit. This will seem decidedly strange, because only yesterday you participated in street showdowns, drank vodka diluted with cheap juice, and seduced Masha from the third entrance. There was no trait called “adulthood,” you did not want responsibility, just children, work, checks for utility payments. And inside of you there is also a child, whose requests have changed slightly. Instead of the Lego constructor, you now want that cool car, home theater and ticket to the Emirates.

2. School and institute are not the best years of life

How wrong are those who are nostalgic for their student days and carefree youthful life. Yes, with age problems become more, you are responsible for your survival and pay your bills. But what a freedom it is! You are no longer a green salad, you said goodbye to total lack of money, cramming notes, dependence on authoritarian ancestors, insecurity and teenage pimples. You have gained experience, found something that you are really interested in, and have the right to live as you want. A cherry on the cake – now you have the money and the opportunity to enjoy the life you deserve. There is no chaos in my head, only a clear understanding of myself and my path.

3. Your parents were not so stupid

During the hormonal dance, it seemed to us that parents are dimwitted, stale and offended by the fate of idols, to listen to which is a real crime. What can they know about life? Extinct eyes, boring rest, “useful” food and endless notations. And then a thirty-something knocking on the door and a veil coming off his eyes. Rights were my mother, when she forced me to wear warm underwear, I would obey then, would give birth without complications. The father was right when he taught to economically save, now money would be so useful, meaninglessly deflated into clubs and liters of alcohol. You could also avoid a divorce, then listen to your parents. And broccoli and pumpkin soup, it turns out, is the most delicious thing! Eh, Vasya …

4. The accumulation of knowledge is not so important as the ability to apply them

As a youth, you try to cram yourself into everything – learn dozens of languages, read hundreds of books, gain experience and try the most interesting. It seems that erudition is our everything, it will open the way to all the treasures of the world. And only jumping over the threshold of 30, comes the realization that clever men and geniuses, having a golden mind, do not always find a worthy place in life. What is the use of a pile of information, if you do not know how to channel it into the right direction? It is important to understand your path, to be proficient in recommending your own talents, to sharpen one single skill to such perfection that in it you would not be equal. And this is already a question of wit, patience, and not the amount of knowledge.

5. Embrace and try everything is impossible

In twenty years I want to test myself for strength, to recognize the limits of possibilities, to experiment, to try everything dangerous and terrible. It seems that we must experience everything – alcohol, depraved sex, gastronomic delights, extreme sports. But when the door bites 30, comes the understanding that to see and experience absolutely everything is unreal, the world is too large, and time is not so much. At this point, you decide to be more selective about your health, sexual partners, friends and travel. Why confront the shit? Why do something, then turn inside out, then to lie all night with a dropper? No, you can not waste your life on such stupid things.

6. The ability to sell yourself is not betrayal, but art.

It’s easy to be an unemployed idealist at 17, who lives on everything ready. Sit yourself and philosophize for a mug of compote, how to change the world, how violet to you for women, how to become famous, they say, hunger and cold are not terrible for you. However, everything changes when there is a family and responsibility for loved ones. The prospect of sitting in a gray office frightens less than the inability to buy a loaf of bread for children and warm shoes. Then it comes to understand how important it is to be able to sell yourself. You are no longer a green teenager, you know very well how much your work, knowledge and time cost. No longer do you want to condemn the “white collar”, on the contrary, you are looking for an opportunity to arrange your ass more comfortable. And why not?

In the 30 years comes a rethinking of many things, you finally understand yourself and your shortcomings, clearly see the bar that you can achieve. There is acceptance, you understand your true price. And there comes the realization that there are things beyond the control of planning, there are many of them … do not miss your chance. forests from another planet in the world of interest Are you 30 years old? Hope you have learnt the 6 discoveries... ✌️👐 👍😖

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