Age of cats: how many years can they live?

Those who are about to adopt a four-legged animal as a best friend and companion animal is surely going to wonder how much cats live ]. According to statistics, the age of cats falls within a range of 12-15 years where felines go through all the different stages of growth: from entry into The world the adolescence then to reach the adulthood and old age ; Stage that can be compared to the 75 years of a human individual. According to some studies and research, however, there are many factors that contribute to achieving a high age of a cat of course the genetic aspect which seems to reward the cats belonging to the Siamese race . Let’s look at the factors.

As previously mentioned, in addition to genetics which of course contributes to the attainment of the age of cats, there are also several factors related to the environment and the lifestyle in which our cat is submerged. To understand how much a cat can live it is necessary to take into account the way in which they live: they have great influence the care and the feed that is strick. It is not so rare to find specimens of cats that reach 20 years of age but it is impossible for these to be stray.

Another important factor is undoubtedly the attention to the general health of the feline : of course if a feline receives The veterinary care necessary, without neglecting any symptoms of pathologies and is vaccinated to protect it from serious diseases, this will have a longer life expectancy compared to another.

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