Adolf Hitler still Alive? Old man in Argentina admitted that he was a Nazi fighter

A man of great age, named Herman Guntherberg, arrived in Argentina immediately after Nazi Germany capitulated. For the El Patriot media journalists, the man agreed to tell him in detail how He managed to climb Argentina, telling why he was now determined to reveal his true identity, and also mentioned that he was very disgusted with the fact that he is portrayed in the textbooks of today’s history as the incarnation of cruelty, which is responsible for the death of millions of people.

Herman Guntherberg – this name and surname had to be used by the Nazi dictator since 1945. As the man insisted, he was forced to change his appearance in Argentina by moving to Argentina: he shaved the bare and gave up his mustache. The fake German passport was provided by Gestapo (secret Nazi German police) before the end of the Second World War.

Why only now a 128 year old man agreed to disclose his identity? It appears that the Israeli ministry, which informally refused to persecute the Nazis for the crimes committed during World War II, has been implicit in helping the moves.

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How Hitler might have looked before the end of the Second World War (Photo by the CIA).

“I was accused of crimes that I have never done. I became the enemy of the whole world, although everything was about to write – it was a lie. I was portrayed as the greatest evil, so I had to hide from the Jews. Already the fact that I had to hide my whole life is a fair penalty, ” he said to el. El Patrioto journalists.

“I consider the greatest evil in the world just because I lost my war. When people get to know everything from my perspective, they will change their attitude towards me. “- Adolf Hitler himself, following a man of a promising age, revealed that he now wants only one thing – publicly publish his book to tell his version of war.

Senate wife Angela Martinez assured her husband that she had arrived in Argentina right after the end of World War II. His husband has been living for 55 years, but according to her, he never told his past. True wife tends to believe that her husband has only contributed to the Nazi regime, but doubts that the spouse could be the Nazi leader himself.

“A man has been struggling with the disease for the past year, so I tend to believe that such a statement was sparked by a feeling of self-restraint and not a real memory of the past,” Angela spoke reluctantly to journalists who did not want to believe in her spouse’s words.

Although it is officially stated that Hitler’s life ended in 1945, On April 30, when he allegedly committed suicide at his bunker in Berlin, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation broke up in 1945 in 2014. Documents proving that Adolf Hitler was likely to flee to Argentina, where he lived for a long time in the Andes.

Information about Hitler’s life in Argentina at the FBI Los Angeles Bureau in 1945 August was revealed from an informer whose name has hitherto been classified is revealed. In exchange for stunning information, he received US political asylum.

The informant not only knew that Hitler moved to South America but was one of the four men who had met him in Argentina. Two submarines from the Third Reich came to this country in 1945. Adolf Hitler was in the second.

The proponents of Conspiracy Theory also did not miss the opportunity to recall that in the year 2009, Prof. Nicholas F. Bellantoni, a professor and archaeologist at the US State Connecticut, had investigated the DNA fragment of a skull belonging to A. Hitler, and publicly announced that it was a skull of a woman shot for good, and Non-fierce head fragment.

More amazing is the fact that on 19 June in Argentina authentic items of Nazi leaders were found. When it was only few days after a sensational man’s statement that he was Adolf Hitler, Argentinean officials reported that they had found a secret room in which nearly 75 greatly arranged treaties of the Third Reich had been concealed, reports Business Insider.

So far, the Argentine authorities have not provided any explanation as to where and how these things came into the country. However, journalists have speculated that Nazi artifacts could have been dumped by the same secret ships that Adolf Hitler himself was likely to swim with his favorites.

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