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9 Sacred Secrets why men are Ridiculously Strong

There are male hysterical men, leech men, male quads, and even some women call them. You look at him – a dense beard, courageous cheekbones, a mountain of muscles, packed in a beautiful suit, only inside is empty, from the true male power there is not a gram left.

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And you can cover as much as you want the lack of “realness” with large wheelbarrows, teen ponies or a collection of naked Barbie, you can not escape from yourself. If you are not a man, even the presence of sexual characteristics will not save you, you have left your core, you have changed yourself. And there is no sin worse than this betrayal.

Business Men Hairstyle 9 Sacred Secrets why men are Ridiculously Strong

How to return internal strength? We offer to recall the 9 principles that every man used to know. And he did not just know, but followed them, serving the country, his beloved woman, trying to make the world better.

What is the power of a man? 9 sacred secrets

1. Chastity

The purity of men, the ability to keep sexual instincts in check – that’s what makes a man independent of animal desires and female manipulations. He must be deeply moral, be able to remain faithful to one single, only such a position will make him free from lust and filth. The pursuit of skirts, the desire to conquer females in any accessible way is the position of a weak man. The strong does not need show games and new sexual impressions, at times he is even too stingy in his emotions, but if he likes it forever,

2. Honesty

A strong man is a noble man who treats the world around him with respect, therefore he will not act to his detriment. This is always honest to himself, circumstances and other people. He does not say what he wants to hear from him, his goal is to carry the truth, no matter how bitter she was. However, a real man does not throw truth in the face, like a wet glove, but hands it beautifully, with respect and honor. No money, sex or gifts will make him sag and lie.

3. Responsibility

True power comes to a man when he takes on a great responsibility and is ready to work. A man is a responsibility. For their choice, family, children, people around, peace on earth and the preservation of the surrounding nature. Whatever the man does, he must remember the consequences of his actions, try to calculate every decision, how much is it correct? The election of a man depends on the future of entire generations.

4. Principle

Following the inner principles is the main compass in the life of a man. He must live in accordance with his own nature and convictions, adhering to truth and honor at all costs. Only a true man holds the word he gave. Only a real man is capable of helping, making vital decisions in any situation. For such principles, even more relationships mean. If a friend or beloved woman is asked to go against himself, to sacrifice his values, the man will choose principles, however much he loves. This is the base support in making any decision.

5. Wisdom

A strong man does not act hotly or impulsively, defending his pride, but he fits well with every decision. He sees the problem not superficially, but deeply, he proceeds in accordance with the knowledge that he has discovered. And he will never stand on the side of the wrong, even if it’s a close person. A clear vision helps to uphold the true values, defend the truth, see the motives.

6. Activity

A man is a figure, the purpose of his stay on earth is active transformation in the external world, creation, creativity. He must not only understand the spiritual laws, but also actively implement them, helping others to live by divine laws, directing them spiritually and morally. If a woman is responsible for the house and the moods of loved ones, then the man is responsible for the outer world, achievements, transformations, reforms that will lead to the development of society as a whole. Its task is to explore new horizons, to lay new paths and build cities.

7. Modesty

The power of a man is in his simplicity and ability to live modestly. Steep wheelbarrows, chic villas, gold jewelry and silk sheets – a distinctive feature of the defeated peasants who have gone far from the true essence. Orthodoxy and Ponte are needed by the weak to disguise the absence of true power. Real sons, even having a million fortunes, do not seek to expose riches to the crowds, they are too busy serving the world, preferring to invest in really worthy things.

8. Service

What distinguishes a real man from other representatives with sexual characteristics? A true man is born to serve his country, his family, the world, to do his best and kinder. Such a person is ready to live in the name of a high goal, and not just low pleasures and his own joys, aims to change the world around him. Service is often associated with creativity and the ability to create something radically new, which will make life easier and better.

9. Love

This is the main source of man’s vitality, motivation for all his actions. Love is the reason to live and change this world, to correspond to the parameters of nobility, chastity and honor. True love means not only feelings for a woman, but also for the whole world – people, nature, living beings. He must fight his egoism, not only seek love, but also give it up, live for the sake of love, miss thoughts, actions and actions through this filter. “Is there any love in my decision? How can I increase it? ”

Only by combining all these qualities, one can say that you have become a real man. And to choose this path is never too late … forests from another planet in the world of interest 9 Sacred Secrets why men are Ridiculously Strong

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