9+ Facts About Dreams

We all often or not so dream, when we rest at night, and some even during the day. They are scary, strange, incredibly exciting or delusional … The theme of dreams at all times was interested not only by the townsfolk, but also by the researchers. And just with the facts that you may not have heard, we will introduce you today.

1. Everyone dreams!

Men, women, children … we all have dreams. Even those who say they do not understand what a dream is and say they do not see them. According to the researchers, each of us sees several dreams every night. Moreover, their duration ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. On average, 6 years of life each of us – whether he wants it or not – devotes to dreams!

2. We forget most dreams

According to J. Allan Hobson (a dream researcher), 95% of all dreams are quickly forgotten after awakening. But why are they so hard to keep in mind ?! One version is this: changes in the brain that occur during sleep do not support the processing and storage of information necessary for the formation of memory. Scanning the brain of dormant individuals has shown that frontal lobes, areas that play a key role in memory formation, are inactive during rapid sleep, a stage in which a dream occurs.

3. Color dreams do not see all

About 80% of all people see colored dreams, but there is a small percentage of people who say their dreams are black and white.

4. The content of dreams of men and women is different.

The researchers found a number of differences between men and women when it comes to the content of their dreams. In one study, men were more likely to report cases of aggression in a dream than women. According to the dream researcher William Damhoff, women have more symbols in their dreams. When it comes to characters that usually appear in dreams, men see other men twice as often as women, and women tend to see the representatives of both sexes equally.
Source5. Animals, probably, also see dreams
You can not say exactly this, but … have you ever watched a sleeping dog wag its tail or move its paws during sleep? So – it is likely that she dreams something. Like humans, animals go through sleep stages, which include cycles of REM-pause and slow sleep.

6. Dreams can be managed

A conscious dream is one in which you realize that you are dreaming, even if you are still sleeping. In this type of dream, you can often “directly” control the content of the dream. About half of all people remember at least one lucid dream. And some people manage to enjoy lucid dreams quite often.

7. Negative emotions are more common in sleep

For more than forty years, researcher Calvin S. Hall has collected over 50,000 dream reports from students. These reports showed that many experienced emotions during sleep, including, joy, happiness and fear. The most common emotion experienced in a dream is anxiety, and negative emotions in general were much more frequent than positive emotions.

8. Blind people also see dreams

While people who have lost sight before the age of five usually do not have visual dreams, they were still dreaming at adulthood. Despite the lack of visual impressions, the dream of a blind person is as complex and bright as that of the sighted. Instead of visual sensations, the dream of a blind person usually includes information from other senses, such as sound, touch, taste, hearing and smell.

9. The stage of sleep, during which a dream occurs, is characterized by paralysis of the musculature.

Why? This phenomenon is known as REM atony and prevents you from “playing” your sleep while you are sleeping. Basically, because motor neurons are not stimulated, your body does not move.
In some cases, this paralysis can be carried into the waking state. It lasts up to 10 minutes. This condition is called “sleep paralysis”. Have you ever woken up from a terrible dream, unable to move? So, this is the norm! 😀 Do not be intimidated by this.

10. Many dreams are universal

The researchers found that some topics are very common in different cultures. For example, people from all over the world often dream with chases, attacks or falls. In addition, we all inherent in the dream of school activities, feelings of icing and immobility, feel a sense of flight.

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