7 Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You

Not only do employees not voice their thoughts to bosses, but bosses themselves do not say certain things to their subordinates. At least, you will most likely never hear from them. Since our career directly depends on the employer, it is still important to know what the boss has on his mind. So, that the boss is unlikely to ever tell you?

7 things your boss will never tell you 7 Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You

1. I want to raise your salary

Of course, your employer knows that you want a higher salary and maybe he does not even mind. But due to many factors this might be impossible at the moment. Willingly the boss does not want to do this for sure. Such an initiative should sound from your lips, and it must be supported by your results.

2. I track your activity on the Internet

Most likely, your boss knows how many emails you sent and how much time you spend talking on your work phone. Most large companies use special programs to track web traffic and phone calls of employees. To avoid getting into an embarrassing situation, do not use a working computer and phone for personal purposes. Firstly, because it is unprofessional, and secondly, do not make your private life public property.

3. I know that you lied about your illness and your sickness

“I feel ill, and today I can not come.” This is probably the most common excuse for absenteeism. Regardless of whether you are a clever liar or just a beginner, your boss always knows the truth. Why does he pretend to believe? Maybe while he understands or while he suffers, but it is unlikely he will allow your tricks to go too far.

4. I can not tell you some things

In order to create a favorable atmosphere in the team, the main task of each employer is to establish trust and honest relations. He will smile sincerely and look straight into your eyes to make you believe that you can rely on him. But behind this smile they hide so many things that they will never tell you, not to make you nervous and upset.

5. Your children are only your problem, not mine

This is a rather rude phrase, and most likely you will never hear it from the employer, but such an idea may well reside in his head. If to be impartial, then it really is. Your home problems are your responsibility, not your boss, so stop complaining excessively about your everyday household difficulties and concerns related to children and family. Your boss simply can not be too loyal to you.

6. Bosses want you to love them

Like all ordinary people, employers also have a natural desire to please others, especially their subordinates. But they must be good bosses first: demanding, strict and motivating, and only then they have the right to think about the impression made on the staff. Deep inside the bosses very much want to be loved and admired by them, but because of their position they carefully hide it and keep the distance.

Now, knowing all these facts, you should look at your boss with new eyes.

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