7 reasons why you should stop worrying about money

In the era of wholesale consumption, money really spins the world. This is a very powerful tool that controls us and everyone around us. Most people associate them with a magic wand that can solve all the problems and make them happy. More people associate money with freedom and authority. Nowadays chasing them is a common thing, but we still can not understand how money can be life-long ambitions. Aw, but what about the meaning of life ?! Of course, we can not say that we do not need money at all, but I have at least 7 reasons not to be painfully preoccupied with them.

1. Money is a false motivation

Do not get me wrong, but I firmly believe that most people do their work for money. I consider this approach somewhat lopsided, since big money does not mean big results. If you do your job to get paid at the end of the month, it’s somehow not quite right. Work is self-development, improvement and realization of potential. My work is important to me, because I dedicate most of my time to what I’m doing. Money comes and goes, but the results of my work and my experience will remain for a long time.

2. I’m not wasteful

My earnings allow me to pay bills, buy food and clothes, and I have enough money for leisure. It is important. I adore life, but in it I always strive for simplicity and minimalism. It’s hard for me to understand people who spend a fortune on exclusive cars, luxury mansions and eccentric entertainment. I also do not see any reason to spend money on the latest collection of fashionable clothes that will become obsolete in a few months. If you have a good taste, you will look decent, regardless of the level of your income.

3. I do not compare myself with other people

You always meet someone who makes more money than you, who spends more money than you, and who lives differently than you. And this is absolutely normal. You can not earn all the money in the world, but you can easily get stuck in a non-stop race for wealth. The habit of building up your financial expectations, based on the successes of others, looks unhealthy. I do not care how much money my neighbor earns.

4. Money can not guarantee happiness

“If I made more money, I would be much happier …” Perhaps, but not for long. If you are not satisfied with ten dollars in your pocket, then a thousand will not suit you. Material things have a temporary satisfaction effect, but friends, family, communication and entertainment are really important. Satisfaction and happiness are not the same thing. If you can afford to buy expensive things, this does not mean that you are happy. When you have enough money to live, I do not see the reason to be this displeased.

5. Money will not bring peace, tranquility and health

Big money always means hard work and fatigue. High-performance workers are often exposed to negative emotions and constant stress. Most likely, you will spend all your earnings on soothing (at best). Who needs it?

6. The best things do not have a price tag

Ask any child about his favorite things. He, most likely, will call cartoons, communication with friends, swimming, playing snowballs … Do these classes have a price tag? When I hear from relatives: “You inspire me to be better” – this is certainly one of the most pleasant phrases. Then I understand that communication, attention and concern for a person are real treasures, and they are worthless. If you think differently, perhaps you should reconsider your priorities. Although, it’s your business.

7. Money can not buy love

Yes, it’s a banal and hackneyed phrase, but who can deny it? Of course, there are people who believe that money can buy everything. There is no point in convincing them otherwise. When it comes to love, money loses its power and strength. One of the most important qualities of love is trust. Undoubtedly, your wealth can attract someone, but it will never make this person loyal and faithful to you.

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