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6 Signs of True Friendship πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬ πŸ‘­

Real friends are people with whom you can not only have fun from the heart, but also find support in difficult moments of life. Scientists who conducted research on the phenomenon of friendship and various social attachments argue that the life expectancy of people with a wide range of friends is greater than that of individuals with a limited number of social ties. Also strong friendship helps to deal with stressful situations and life problems more easily. However, you need to understand well the people who make up your environment, because some of them can only pretend to be your friends. Below you will find a description of the most important features of a true friendship, which can overcome any hardships and become stronger only from this.


1. You do not have to pretend to be another person before another

Friends are people with whom you can not be afraid to be yourself and openly show your individuality. They see in you a person, and not a set of attributes such as appearance, clothing or the manner of expressing thoughts. A true friend can be entrusted with the most intimate thoughts and emotions, sharing views that are not popular in society. A close person will not condemn you, but will only give useful advice, but the choice will still be yours. Friends love us with all our weaknesses and do not try to remake their ideals.

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2. In the company of a friend you feel calm and safe

When you communicate with a close person sharing your beliefs, you begin to feel a special atmosphere of comfort enveloping you. Therefore, strong friendship is an excellent “cure” for stress and various problems associated with the emotional state. The first signal that a person may not be your true friend is a feeling of depression and fatigue in his company. If, after such communication, it seems to you that you were deprived of vitality, then it is worthwhile to think about the advisability of such a friendship. True friends are a never-ending source of inspiration, moral support and self-confidence.

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3. True friendship passes the test of happiness

It would seem that the best test for friendship is misfortune and problems. However, more often it happens the other way around, because not everyone is able to genuinely enjoy the success of another person. They simply begin to envy your advancement in service, strong family relationships or the opportunity to acquire any material values. Usually this is manifested in aloofness, unwillingness to continue communicating or discussing your successes in a negative way. A real friend is ready to experience with you both bad periods of life, and moments of happiness. Moreover, he not only experiences positive emotions, but also incredible pride in your successes.

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4. You can always expect constructive criticism from a friend

If you need someone to construct a constructive opinion about your behavior, lifestyle or any idea, you can always ask your friend for help. Since close people wish us only happiness, they always honestly express their opinion if they think that we are making a serious mistake that can create additional difficulties. And even if we begin to behave in an inappropriate way, then they only softly tell us about it. After all, in the motives of our behavior, true friends understand at times much better than ourselves.

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5. A friend will come to the rescue at a difficult time

One of the most important characteristics of true friendship is the ability to catch changes in the mood of a friend, even if he does not speak about it. In life, we have to face problems and negative experiences, often we experience it all inside and do not share our sorrows with loved ones. However, friends always know when we need help and support, they are ready to give up their affairs and help us cope with difficulties.

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6. A friend will never reveal your secrets

A true friendship can not be imagined without such qualities as honesty and devotion. A friend will never discuss your secrets or shortcomings with other people. Any criticism he is always ready to tell you personally, and only when there is no one around. Friendship makes us vulnerable, because we completely open ourselves to another person and share the most intimate with him. Therefore, it is so important to trust your friends, feel their loyalty and give this sense of security in return.

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Real friends stay with us for life. A busy schedule, family troubles and life difficulties can not become a reason for the destruction of strong friendships, because a true friend is practically part of the family. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to meet such a person, then hold him tight and never let go. A true friend is a privilege, which few are honored. forests from another planet in the world of interest 6 Signs of True Friendship πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬ πŸ‘­

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