6 rules of virtuosic stripping of a girl


Do you think you know how to undress a girl correctly? Ha!

6 rules of virtuosic stripping of a girl 6 rules of virtuosic stripping of a girl


Each of us at least once in a life stripped Girl, and sometimes she was even conscious .. The process of undressing a girl can become either a catastrophe or one of the best erotic experiences in your life – it all depends on whether you get confused in the clothes of a girl. Therefore, we decided to give you some advice on Virtuoso stripping, you see, the girls will come back to you again and again, begging for more At least once they are undressed! (And about anything else we do not promise anything.)

1. Muffle Lighting

Any process of undressing in bright light will Remind the doctor’s visit and cause the girl’s anxiety.Therefore, if you decided to help the girl throw off excess (in other words – all) clothes, make sure that the room was muted romantic lighting. In case of a bright sun, get dense curtains, and replace the upper light from the table lamp or sconce, or even candles.

2. Take care of clothes

In films like to show how hungry for each other heroes (in this case, speech Not about movies about zombies, but about films about passion) literally pulling off each other’s clothes, not caring about the integrity of the seams and the safety of the buttons. So, in life it does not work at all. A rare girl will be delighted if you, with an animal roar, tearing off her clothes, spoil the dress for the sake of buying which she spent a whole month eating water from the cooler at work. Therefore, be extremely accurate, exposing the girl. Do not be lazy and carefully unbutton everything to the last button.

3.Leave it in the linen

When you take off the sweater from the girl, a sweater, a jumper, a sweatshirt, pants, Underpants, trousers and socks, you will see that the girl was left in her underwear. And if the girl’s elegant underwear (you’ll recognize him for cleanliness, an abundance of jewelry and a bright color), do not take it off right away. Most likely, the girl wore (and even bought) elegant clothes specially for you, and now she needs some time to show off in this miniature creation of the lace industry. So, when she remains in the underwear, you can briefly interrupt the stripping process. Use the pause to kiss, feed the cat or watch a couple of videos on YouTube .

4. Take off your socks!

And for some reason, not my own, but the girl’s socks. Some enthusiasts undressing girls rush to pull off their jeans, completely ignoring the presence of socks. As a result, the pants stopped by socks get stuck in the girl on the ankles, and both of you, desperately reddening and sweating, try to free her from captivity. Therefore, if you see trousers or jeans on a girl, immediately get on your knees. You have to remove the girl’s socks first, and then carefully and slowly, starting from the edges, and not from the waist, pull off her jeans. Do not forget to look at the girl’s eyes!

5. Do not be smart

If the girl has panties from the set of “week” (these are cowards on which the days are written Weeks, if you suddenly do not know) with the inscription “Tuesday”, although you know for sure that today is Thursday (the investigator comes on Thursdays), just do not pay attention. Do not joke about this: you risk ruining the girl’s romantic mood. The same applies to the unexpected hole on her sock – pretend that you did not notice anything.

6. Give in to the bra

If you’ve been struggling with a buckle for 15 seconds, give the bra to defeat you. Yes, the damn bra does not lend itself again. But let the girl herself unhook him, than you will enter the folklore of her and her friends as a guy who “could not unfasten the bra for the whole night, and fell asleep in the morning, exhausted.”


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