5 things that dogs can perceive from humans

1. Diseases
The great sense of smell of dogs can detect diseases such as cancer, diabetes, bacteria clostridium difficile and even predicts seizures.

2. Earthquakes
Thanks to their great auditory development the dogs are able to “warn” when an earthquake will come. This is also thanks to the vibrations they feel through their paws.
So if your dog starts behaving strangely, be alert, an earthquake may be coming in your city.

3. Pregnancy and Childbirth
Is not it great? Their smell is so developed that they detect any hormonal changes in our body.
But that’s not all, they’re so spectacular they’ll even let you know when you’re about to give birth. It is probably your shadow the day before the symptoms of childbirth manifest themselves.

4. When you leave and return home
Do not try to dissimulate your game in front of your dog, he watches you daily and knows that you will leave even before you take your coat and your keys
Why do you think she’s always at the window when you arrive? Your big nose can sense that you’re coming back even if you’re many blocks from your house.

5. Death
A dog can detect a death due to illness as the person undergoes chemical changes in his body and he is able to detect them. If your puppy has unusual behavior, consult a doctor as a precaution!

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