5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast

A desire to live! That’s probably the only thought that spun in the mind of these people, who won in the unequal deadly battle of such dangerous wild animals, when faced with which others would have fainted … and then you know.

1. Karl Ackley blocked the leopard air

5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast

Karl Ackley was a taxidermist, inventor, biologist, conservationist and photographer. In animals, he understood exceptionally well. And the man was difficult – in particular, he liked to experience destiny.

During the expedition to Africa, Ackley came across a wild leopard. The leopard, of course, attacked a man. Ackley, for some reason, did not shoot at him, although he had a rifle with him (maybe the cartridges were over).

It seemed to be the end, but Ackley was not at a loss: with his left hand he grabbed the leopard by the throat, and thrust the right into the mouth. The cat must have been surprised at first that the supper behaves strangely, and then it began to suffocate. Ackley, ignoring the pain, pushed his hand deeper and deeper into the throat of the beast, and eventually managed to kill the predator.

2. Richard and Angela Moyer fought with a bear in their living room

1496515512 259 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast

Richard Moyer lived in Perry County, Pennsylvania. At three o’clock in the morning he called the dog back into the house when a bear appeared from somewhere and pounced on a man right in the doorway of his house.

Let’s repeat: Moyer did not hunt, did not walk in the reserved forest, he did not move even to the side of the highway in the forest belt. He just stood on the threshold of his own house and sleepily called the dog. And then he was under a bear.

His wife Angela rushed to the noise and saw a huge predator instead of a dog. She managed to distract the bear from her husband, but, unfortunately, the bears who want to eat, are distracted only by more annoying food – so that the husband threw the bear, but fell on Angela.

Of course, Richard did not want to fall into the arms of the bear again, but he did not want to give his wife either. Therefore, Richard kicked the bear out into the yard (ask how he does not know himself), and the predator, who must have been stunned by the arrogance of the victim, fled in disgrace.

Angela and Richard stayed alive, although they were seriously injured. Yes, we know that you want to ask – the dog is fine.

3. David Parker killed a cougar with a penknife

1496515513 939 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast

In August 2002, 61-year-old David Parker was walking at night in British Columbia. A downpour began, and to dodge, Parker dived under a rocky canopy. And he was face to face with a hefty puma. She rejoiced (dinner!) And attacked the man.

Parker instantly realized that he had a chance to survive – at any cost to protect the yoke of the veins. But he chose an unusual way for protection: the cougar had already hit him on the skull, and a flap of skin from his forehead fell to the man’s eyes, almost blinded him. And then, because of another blow from the big cat, Parker fell and crushed his cheekbone and jaw with stones. Then the cat, of course, again attacked the victim and …

I received a penknife in my throat. Parker used the minimum time he had to get the knife out of his pocket, open it and get ready for a jerk. Surprisingly, he struck the neck of the beast through a tiny blunt blade.

Parker, despite a serious injury, went for about another kilometer to get help. Of course, there was an ugly scar on his face, but Parker is still alive, and the puma is not.

4. Eric Nerhus stabbed a shark with a knife, being in her mouth

1496515513 552 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast

This story begins where most others end: the 41-year-old Australian diver Eric Nerhus swallowed a shark.

Nerhus sank under the water at Cape Hove and peacefully sailed and collected sea ears (a kind of seashells) when a large white shark, 3.5 meters long, appeared next to him and swallowed it like a sandwich. Well, not everything: the shark’s mouth had a head, shoulders and one hand.

Imagine yourself in such a situation – you did not even realize that you were attacked, just the world became dark in an instant, and you are already halfway to someone’s stomach. Most of us will not even be able to go into the wetsuit to somehow ruin the shark’s appetite, but Nerhus did not lose his head.

The diver began to feel the head of the shark with his free hand, found an eye, and with all his might hit it with a sea ear. And suddenly he freed himself. Experts say that the shark released Nerhus at once, as she realized that he was not a seal. Brad – more likely, she was just hurt. But we prefer to think that she has retired out of respect.

5. Jin Mo beat the grizzly to death

1496515513 3 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast 5 people who survived in a fight with a wild beast

The main thing you need to know about grizzly bears: never be near them if you are not some superhero of comic books that can lay a bear with your bare hands. Speaking of Gene Moe, he is probably just that.

In 1999, the 70-year-old Mo was hunting near Kodiak, Alaska. And he was ambushed by a 340-kilogram grizzly bear. The rifle was far away, and Mo’s only weapon was a hunting knife. Let’s bring clarity: the bear has four such knives on each paw. It is clear that the bear was confident of victory.

She snatched a piece from Mo’s right hand and knocked him to the ground. Fortunately, Mo somehow miraculously managed to prick an animal in the neck, for which an enraged bear tore out a piece of flesh from his leg – and ran away.

Then the bear again attacked and was ready to kill, but Mo collected all the forces and bare (literally) left hand at full speed hit the bear in the eye – she fell down dead. Mo cautiously got out from under it, crawled to the rifle and, just in case, shot twice in the beast.

Mo did not have any special tactics (at least until he took the rifle) – he acted on pure instincts without thinking. There was no time to think. And this saved him.

After the battle, Mo had to creep about three kilometers to the nearest human settlement, where he was helped.

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