5 basic problems in relationships between different signs of the zodiac

We all have different ideas about what we want to see our relationship, but the problem arises when the two partners have different views. Either you learn to find compromises and get used to each other, or the relationship will not work. In addition, any person has his own set of personal characteristics, which can be either cute and funny, or unpleasant and even unacceptable. What are the most common problems in the relationship of each sign of the zodiac?

5 basic problems in relations between different signs of the zodiac 5 basic problems in relationships between different signs of the zodiac

1. Aries

  1. You make decisions without consulting your partner.
  2. You do not understand why a partner does not want to participate in what you do.
  3. You from all arrange a competition.
  4. You do not accept rejections and do not take the word “no.”
  5. You constantly go for risks with negative consequences for you and your partner.

2. Taurus

  1. You are a tough man and love to have the last word just for you.
  2. You argue and refuse to look at things from the perspective of another person.
  3. You can put a bunch of money for status items, even if you have very bad finances.
  4. You can seriously take offense if your desires are not sexually fulfilled.
  5. You constantly give value judgments to your partner, but keep them to yourself.

3. Twins

  1. You always wonder if you can be better than your partner or bypass him in anything.
  2. You are a person of mood, but do not sound what you are worried about.
  3. You promise to do something for your partner and forget about it.
  4. You put everything back to such an extent that you accumulate a lot of things.
  5. You are often bored in a relationship.

4. Cancer

  1. You need constant attention.
  2. You can become too intrusive and be an excessive proprietor.
  3. You have a lightning change in mood, and it is difficult for your partner to adjust to these changes.
  4. You can be very touchy, and the partner does not know what you can painfully react to this time.
  5. You are convinced that your partner will leave you, because you prefer to leave first.

5. The Lion

  1. It is important for you that your relations look perfect from the outside.
  2. You can be very powerful and control your partner.
  3. You flirt too much with others, but too zealously treat your partner.
  4. You sometimes tell your partner unpleasant and humiliating things.
  5. You interfere in the life of other people, without any reason.

6. The Virgin

  1. You insist on doing everything yourself, and then yourself are indignant at this fact.
  2. You believe that you are always right and refuse to admit your mistakes.
  3. You are worried literally about everything.
  4. You are a supporter of patterns, traditions and established models because you do not understand a more progressive or innovative partner.
  5. You are a nervous person and tend to actively criticize both your partner and yourself.

7. Scales

  1. You keep everything in yourself and keep silent, and then you explode violently.
  2. You want the partner to give you a maximum of his time.
  3. You are constantly in doubt about all your actions and in the actions of your partner.
  4. You do not make decisions easily, but as soon as you do, you continue to waver.
  5. You sometimes choose your partners out of pity and sympathy, wanting to save them with your love.

8. Scorpio

  1. You can be very inattentive to the feelings of your partner.
  2. You can not stand a lie, even if it’s really good.
  3. You do not avoid conflict, on the contrary, you are always looking for it.
  4. You have a strong sexual appetite, and your partner should be able to match you.
  5. You have problems controlling anger, and you can get furious in a matter of seconds.

9. Sagittarius

  1. For you, physical attractiveness is important, but you still need to be more beautiful than your partner.
  2. You, as a rule, live for today and do not think about the future at all.
  3. You prefer independence and minimum commitment.
  4. You have problems with borders: if your partner hides something from you, you will carefully investigate it.
  5. You prefer entertainment to work.

10. Capricorn

  1. You choose the wrong partners and immediately put on rose-colored glasses.
  2. You are so desperate for a relationship that you will find a million excuses not for the best partner.
  3. You work too hard and give your relations an inadmissibly short time.
  4. You have problems with the distribution of finance. You think that you do not need to share your money, but your partner should share with you.
  5. You are fussy and quickly annoyed if your partner does something wrong, as you like.

11. Aquarius

  1. You can not stand the emotion in your address and close.
  2. You are very sensitive to your own needs and interests.
  3. You are annoyed if you think that your partner does not support your views and ideas.
  4. You are very independent and come into a rage, if you feel even the slightest control from the side.
  5. You often feel that your partner just does not understand you.

12. Pisces

  1. You are too sensitive and vulnerable and remember all the painful moments for a long time.
  2. You, as a rule, want all your important decisions to be made by your partner.
  3. You always in all and in all doubt that it is often fraught with unpleasant consequences.
  4. Sometimes you so go into yourself that you stop hearing and listening to your partner.
  5. You are pulling a load of past relationships that always hinders your current relationship.

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