5 actions that relieve negative thinking

We act the way we think and feel. When we get rid of negative thoughts, along with them, suffering and pain leave our lives.

5 actions that relieve negative thinking 5 actions that relieve negative thinking

Negative thoughts have absolutely no purpose. No! And negative thinking has absolutely nothing to do with you, as a person. Toxic thoughts do not determine your personality, and they can not determine your fate. But we can strengthen or weaken any negative thought. Unfortunately, we very often attach such importance to such thoughts – and this is exactly what harms us.

Buddha once said: “Your worst enemy can not hurt you as much as your own reckless thoughts.” Getting rid of them in psychology is called cognitive restructuring. Let’s consider at least its basics. So, 5 actions to get rid of negative thinking:

1. Watch the thought

Climb to the back row in the cinema of your mind and carefully watch the negative thought. Such thoughts are usually born as a result of cognitive distortions or irrational ways of thinking. Do not worry, you do not need psychotherapy or drugs – just watch the thought and watch how it slowly disappears.

2. Questioning any deep meditation

Long and deep reflections, reminiscent of a sticky chewing gum, is an example of how you overload your head with thoughts, and you complicate everything, for example, telling yourself: “I have a problem, and I can But first I’ll think it over carefully. ” If you are trying to solve a problem, most of the reflections are meaningless. So, the question arises: “How to rephrase these thoughts?” So, the proposed course of your actions:

(a) Divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Mark the right column as “thought,” the left column as a “solution.”
(B) When deep thoughts pound over you, fix the time of their appearance. Write something in the “decision” column.
(C) At the end of the day (week, month), count the number of appearances of thoughts and any ideas about them.

It helped? If not, reread again item 1.

3. Set the facts

Another way to reformat your thoughts is to establish the facts underlying them. For example, if you constantly think: “I always do not have enough money,” it may be useful to find supporting information for this idea and draw conclusions (if necessary). And again, draw two columns. In column (A) write any fact that you “always do not have enough money”: for example, the state of the bank account, permanent borrowing, etc. In column (B), indicate any objective facts demonstrating the opposite: for example, you have a roof over your head, food, clothing. What information can be conveyed to your brain with this exercise? Can you say with 100 percent certainty that you “always do not have enough money”? If so, what is the next action plan? Do you plan your budget and limit spending?

4. Practice awareness

After financial questions, it’s high time to mention awareness. Almost universal stress! Swedish sportsman and psychologist Christopher Bergland divides his approach to awareness into three stages: “Stop. Inhale. Think about your thinking. Anyone can use this simple method throughout the day to remain calm, focused, optimistic and benevolent. ” People who want a more in-depth study of this issue can turn to meditation techniques, for example, the MBSR technique or stress reduction based on instantaneous awareness.

5. Understand that there is a concept of temporality and neutrality

This aspect was touched at first, but it is worth repeating: negative thoughts are temporary and have no force. Even if they get into your mind, it is important to understand their transient nature. In fact, you can even fix such an idea and say the following: “This is a negative thought. I will watch her, but not support her, because she is fleeting. ” One amazing way to demonstrate the powerlessness of negative thought is to get distracted. Take yourself with something interesting, so that negative thinking becomes boring to live in your head.

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