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20 Signs of a Careless Girl 😣😥😡😠

Just looks like a girl because of the fact that she is lazy to take care of herself. There is nothing to be proud of. Slackness does not paint anyone. Rather, it repels. There were cases when girls did not receive the desired position because of an unsightly appearance. Guys also avoid shy girls who are ashamed to appear together in a decent society.

In a word, it’s unprofitable to be sloppy. What are the main signs of a neglected girl? Here is an indicative list of those features of appearance that turn you into a sloven. Take a closer look at these qualities and try to avoid them.

1. Spots from deodorant. Oh, I think someone forgot to wash the T-shirt. White spots from deodorant are especially clearly visible on dark things. Yes, not the most pleasant kind.

2. Shabby clothes. Nobody dares to condemn a person for not being able to buy himself a new expensive thing and throw out an old worn jacket or jacket. But even in the second, almost new products are sold at affordable prices. And it’s time to take the stuffed things back to the trash.

3. Pellets. Too happy unsightly phenomenon. Especially if the fabric is woolen. With them it is easy to fight with the help of an ordinary razor sharp. Also remove the pellets and tape.

4. Torn off buttons. Yes, this also happens because of bouts of laziness. Buttons that hang on a thin thread and look down wearily, and ask for a needle and thread.

5. The Dirty Collar Traces of sweat and dirty neck are imprinted on the collar. It seems that no one will notice the dirt in such a closed place, but in fact it is still evident.

6. The downed heels. The habit of shuffling not only irritates others, but also spoils shoes. Heels are erased, they are formed scraps. Looks like such shoes are extremely unaesthetic.

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7. Overgrown cuticle. It visually reduces the nail plate, making it sloppy. Yes, and paint these nails is quite difficult. The varnish falls unevenly, and the shape of the nail is lost under the skin layer.

8. The downed socks of shoes. Once walked down the stairs – and already on the ballet or boat formed a disgusting mark. Everything, the appearance of the shoe is spoiled, and the damage is badly masked.

9. The shapeless hairstyle. Artistic disorder on the head should be artistic. A groomed shovel with hair protruding in all directions spoils the appearance of a girl.

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10. Dirty cracked heels. Summer time obliges to wear open shoes, which completely bared the leg. If the heels are far from ideal, daily apply to them the flesh of the apple cooked in milk. This drug will make the heels velvety. And make friends with pumice stone – it will eliminate the coarse, horny layer of skin.

11. Overgrown legs and armpits. Yes, naturalness and naturalness take place, but not to the same extent. In the old days, vegetation on the body was considered sexual, but today the situation has radically changed. You should always have a disposable razor at your fingertips. Even on a hike or in the mountains.

12. Sunglasses with scratched lenses. Such a feeling that they were dug up somewhere in the trash, and then planted on the nose. Scratched lenses look extremely untidy. And all because of a bad habit to put glasses on a hard surface, because of what they are covered with scratches.

removing scratches on lenses 20 Signs of a Careless Girl 😣😥😡😠

13. The stale linen. Alas, not all girls wash daily and wash clothes regularly. From here and there is an unpleasant smell. If you do not have the opportunity to change your laundry on a daily basis (you are on a hike, on a plane, on a business trip), just use the daily pad.

14. Hedged varnish on the nails. Where without it? This is a sign of almost all rural women of fashion. Luck need to buy or expensive, or do not buy it at all. A poor-quality product not only gets off after a couple of days, but also damages the nail plate.

15. Cheap earrings. Straths and pebbles are pretty looking at girls of school age. If you have long outgrown this age, wear more solid jewelry. Nobody forces you to dress in gold, just choose a better quality jewelry.

16. Scrunchy for the hair. There is nothing wrong with a neat rubber band that securely fixes the hair during exercise. But in general, such an accessory for hair is fashionable and stylish does not count. He is rather childish. In particular, this applies to products with a variety of shiny, paillettes, beads and other trinkets.

17. The leaking make-up. In summer, this attack manifests itself at full strength. The tonal cream that spread on the face, the lipstick that had come off, the smudged shadows are the real nightmare of any girl. Use only high-quality cosmetics, do not forget to fix the tonalku powder. Then makeup will be much better.

18. The remains of food stuck in the teeth. She smiled, and everyone found out what she ate for breakfast. After eating, smile and look carefully at your teeth. The stuck food remains can be removed with a toothpick or rinse your mouth with water. If you are at a common table, then just walk away to the ladies’ room and put your mouth in order!

dry mouth s3 photo of smiling woman with lipstick on teeth 20 Signs of a Careless Girl 😣😥😡😠

19. Fissile ink. Clumps and glued eyelashes do not look stylish. Previously, yes, it was a fashion trend. But now poor quality mascara can badly impair the image. Give preference only to quality cosmetics and do not forget to look after eyelashes with the help of folk remedies: oils, extracts.

20. Overgrown eyebrows. The eyebrows 2017 have a natural shape and clear lines. Hairs that protrude in opposite directions are inadmissible. Also, avoid hairs that grow outside the eyebrows, for a century. So the shape of the eyebrow spoils, becomes fuzzy.

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Of course, this is not the whole list of signs of a neglected girl. You can supplement it with your own examples. The slackness is negatively perceived by others. It can spoil even the most refined beauty. forests from another planet in the world of interest 20 Signs of a Careless Girl 😣😥😡😠

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