20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Where on earth can you find the largest population of the sexiest women? Women in any country can be beautiful, there are many countries that can boast of a large percentage of really exceptionally beautiful girls. They have a large number of models and supermodels, actresses, sexy and just gorgeous girls next door. It seems that all their women well built and completely flawless.

What makes such a significant portion of the female population is so sexy in these successful countries? Is it a culture? Perhaps it is the food that they eat or good health? Good genes? Dumb luck? Or maybe it’s plastic surgery? No matter what it is, we can not get to all of these women (and we envy the men in each of these areas!) After much debate and research, we have chosen the 20 best countries to find the largest selection of sexy women. Places to travel, we have chosen – a worthy eye candy everywhere. From fair-skinned beauties stunning Slavic appearance before the darkly exotic women of South America. We find the hottest country to find the largest percentage of stunning girls on the planet. So grab your tickets Buckle your seat belts and get ready for the hottest ride of your life!

20. Romania

20 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

So many gorgeous women coming out of Romania! This historic country is to the south of Ukraine near the Russian border, from top to bottom is filled with beautiful people. Almost half of the female population is younger than 45 years, and a significant portion of women are light and thin. Most of the local population is a healthy lifestyle; they spend a lot of time working out, and eating mainly home-made products. This gives them a beautiful body and fabulously flawless skin. One of the most seductive of these genetic quirks sexual Slavs – arched eyebrows, they can be seen on the undeniably beautiful Romanian model and actress Monica Barledinu.

19. Armenia

19 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Armenia, a little bit north and east, is a beautiful country filled with good people and amazing scenery. But one of the most stunning attractions of the country – women! Armenian women have been in the spotlight ever since the world fell in love with Kim Kardashian and her beautiful family. With their skin the color of coffee with cream, dark hair and seductive eyes, Armenian ladies are among some of the most beautiful people in the world. Armenian singer Sirusho illustrates everything that makes these girls are amazing; deep tan their skin beautiful and amazing eyes.

18. Barbados

18 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Bajan women have recently begun to lead the list of the most beautiful girls in the world, as long as one of them rated as the sexiest woman in the world. Who would not agree that Rihanna is one of the most beautiful people in the whole world? The tiny island of Barbados has an incredible amount of amazing beauties. This mixing of African and Caribbean descent, and they have the best of both nations. They are so great! Try to find “sexy women from Barbados” and see if you agree!

17. Philippines

17 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Philippines – A collection of nearly 8,000 islands off the coast of Vietnam. The country is known for its rich culture, amazing biodiversity and some of the delicious dishes of rice and meat. These successful island is also filled a very nice lady! In women, the Philippines has a unique look that is absolutely charming. According to one of the sexiest women in the Philippines in 2015 – Jennylyn Mercado – a perfect example.

16. Bulgaria

16 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

This conservative Balkan country is filled with the most beautiful women! Bulgarian women are very seductive sexual Balkan lines and beautiful facial features. Almost all Bulgarians rich, very dark hair. They always let grow them to toe, and support them in great shape. Their hair is always sleek and airy. The majority of Bulgarian women love to dance. Rositsa Ivanova, model and one of the sexiest women in the world, is a prime example of how beautifully might look light-skinned man with black hair, needless to say, we – her big fans!

15. Lebanon

15 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Lebanon – a small country situated to the south of Syria and the north of Israel in the Mediterranean, despite the upheavals around them, the country is filled with history and amazing sights. There is some stunning scenery, but it is not as stunning as his beautiful lady! Women in Lebanon are known for their beautiful voices and their addiction to plastic surgery. They have amazing skin, dark hair and eyes. Haifa Wehbe, a famous singer in Lebanon really exemplifies all that it means to be Lebanese woman, with her stunning figure, amazing voice and exotic full lips.

14. Netherlands

14 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Dutch woman, probably the most aggressive lady on this list; their culture – one that allows women to be persistent and follow what they want. They are known to be loud and fun at the party, and their eyes are especially beautiful. Dutch women may be blonde and brunette. Many Dutch women blue eyes – sapphires that look like jewelry. These eyes have Doutzen Kroes, Victoria’s Secret angel and the world-famous Dutch supermodel. Surely, now all want to learn Dutch!

13. Serbia

13 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

In Serbian women have angelic look that goes well with their exotic amazing olive skin, dark hair and Slavic. These lovely ladies prettiest around, and they are also known for their femininity, which is highly appreciated in their culture. Serbian women usually like to dress and use makeup to look as sexy for their men. One of the best examples of Serbian women – Ana Ivanovic, a very talented and incredibly sexy tennis star who won the French Open. She – a perfect example of all that women are famous for Serbia.

12. Egypt

121 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

There is something wonderfully unique about the Egyptian women. They are dark, sexy and exotic. Their skin is honey-colored and delightfully dark, wavy hair. Their almond shaped eyes are dark brown or black is very adorable. These dark-skinned beauty is also quite young; the majority of the female population is under the age of 40 years in Egypt. Fortunately, when women were given the right to vote in 2011, the government began to allow these ladies to show face. For example, the Egyptian beauty look at Arwa Gouda, one of the most beautiful women in the world; she – actress and model, and is living proof of the beauty of Egypt.

11. France

111 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

There is something inherently romantic France. Language, culture, art, and everyone seems to be very romantic. They love beautiful things; food, wine, relaxation and very beautiful women. France skinned lady with a variety of hair colors, but one accent made them most welcome. The French women always alluring lips, but the desire to look stylish, help them get dressed only in fashionable clothes. The top of the French beauty can be found in the Academy Award winning Marion Cotillard – a terrific example of how a beautiful French lady can be. Magnifique!

10. Argentina

102 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Argentina is known for his love of football. The country is huge, covering most of the southern part of South America. The countryside is stunning and varied as the women of this country. These ladies are incredibly hot! The girls from Argentina looked through the roots of long-deceased Italian and Spanish invaders, mixed with Native Americans, giving them a stunning diversity that will make you open mouthed in admiration. Some exotic, sexy darkened the skin of their ancestors, while others have a delightful, beautiful light skin. Gorgeous actress Julie Gonzalo – stellar example of Argentine. This is fortunate for us that she moved to America as a child!

9. Italy

92 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Italy is very rich in history. Countryside dappled with vines and olive branches, its people, very loving art, philosophy and history. They – experts in the production of things of great beauty, from the amazing food, amazing artwork deep and very, very beautiful women. These beauties – the classic Europeans with friendly faces and slim figures. Italian woman sexy and smart. They mixed up everything and sweetness, and sexuality, and splendor. Example – a stunning Dzhiuzi Buscemi, a model that is also working hard on his film career.

8. South Korea

82 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Girls in South Korea – no doubt the most exciting woman in the world. Most of them have soft, round face with wide eyes, (I must say thank you mainly incredibly popular double eyelid surgery, not genetics). Their faces look like porcelain dolls: cute, thin, and undeniably sexy. Korean women are usually thin and small and very cute. Korean culture makes communication with them is very friendly and welcoming, rather than for example with the Americans. An example of one of the most beautiful women in the world of South Korean – insanely cute actress Go Ara.

7. India

72 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

India – land of home-cooked food conditions, spiced curries and other traditional spices. They have the most beautiful cultural costumes in the world with high magnificently decorated saris. But even more beautiful Indian women who wear them. India – South Asian country with the most gorgeous people in the world. With honeyed glow of their skin and their amazing glow of beautiful dark hair. Indian women are benefiting from a variety of natural beauty secrets passed down from generation to generation!

6. Venezuela

62 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

The country of Venezuela is located on the coast of the northern part of South America, north of the equator. His land and stunning tropical and his people – a mixture of the Roman Catholic Spanish, Portuguese. Hispanic country is known for its history, oil extraction, natural sites and its amazing beauties. Lady Venezuela applied a lot of effort for its beauty; they have won in so many international beauty contests. Just look at the actress and model Gaby Espino or Norelys Rodriguez; any one of them won any competition in which she was involved!

5. Russia

52 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Imagine the most beautiful classic girl, you can ride home from the club, where her mother waits. This is – your classic Russian girl. They all look very nice girl, which did not glance. But each of them has something special and sexy eyes. Take the money and sezdiyte look at the sexiest, but still classically beautiful women who are also very oriented to family. a good example of this girl – Elena Kuletskaya. Actress so lovely that we almost do not notice the sexual attraction, smoldering in her eyes. Nearly!

4. Brazil

42 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Brazil seems to produce more supermodels, actresses and famous star of women than any other place on earth. They were the owners of the world championship in 2014, which not only showed their love of football, but also incredibly sexy fans who came to cheer on all the teams! Brazilian women are stunningly beautiful, sexy and easy with a genuine smile; it is – a country where she was born a great actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Megan Fox. There is something in their eyes and manner of speaking that makes us want to know them better!

3. Ukraine

32 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Ukraine – a country of the Eastern bloc, which borders the Black Sea and Russia. Despite the excitement between them and Russia, the Ukraine – it is rapidly developing economy. It is filled with wonderful places and fun things. Ukraine – as an Orthodox country, filled with crazy ancient Christian relics and beautiful cathedrals. And the lady there just stunning. It’s hard not to admire women like Milla Jovovich and stunning star Mila Kunis. With their slender bodies and flirty look, in Ukrainian women easily fall in love. Be careful with your heart!

2. Colombia

22 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Colombia – a country in western South America, Venezuela, east of southern Panama. Columbians are known for their low prices on high-quality plastic surgery, and almost every woman living in the country, Tailor has been at least one operation! Amazing surgeons in Colombia have produced some of the most beautiful women in the world, but they were nice to all this work on them. In the country, especially at night, life does not stop, the country never sleeps, especially girls love to dance, and it turns out they are very good. If you’re ever somnevaetesv that gorgeous Colombian women can be beautiful, remember that Shakira, Sofia Vergara and Carolina Guerra – fiery Colombian!

1. Sweden

12 20 countries, home to the hottest women in the world

Classically cute (and some of the rarest kinds of beauty in the world), Swedish women head the list, and a very good reason. They have platinum blonde hair and stunning shades of eye gemstone colors. Swedish women – the rarest, most unique on earth lady. Not only that, they are super sexy, but they are the exact same love holidays. These fiercely independent woman – the most amazing in the world without a doubt. Gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model and supermodel Caroline Winberg illustrate everything that makes us love the Swedes!

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