15 variants of manifestation of the ego, from which it’s time to leave


All the desires of man, his goals and fears originate from the ego. It is the ego that is considered to be the source of mental suffering, as it gives a person false identification, forcing them to focus on a sense of their own importance, the value of those objects that he owns. So, a fanatic claims his worth through deification of things from which fanates. The musician is looking for confirmation of his greatness in the presence of “iconic” creations. A loving husband identifies his value with the love of his wife. As we see, the ego is always an identification with something outside ourselves. But you can come to yourself with the present only by getting rid of it. And for this it is necessary to understand how the ego expresses itself.

15 variants of manifestation of the ego from which its time to leave 15 variants of manifestation of the ego, from which its time to leave

The false “I” or 15 variants of manifestation of the Ego

1. Thirst for everyone’s attention

It is expressed in an attempt to gain recognition of the surrounding people, to shock the public by the appearance, the high cost of clothing, the sharp mind, humor and other ponts, whose purpose is to show off, show off and nurture the ego.

2. Call in the style of “who is cooler?”

Especially such a person likes to swallow eggs to prove to the public who is the most important here. “I’ll do it all!” – says the over-inflated CSV. “Your problems are nonsense, and my difficulties are like a thug.”

3. Pleasure from compliments

The ego simply adores praise and honors in his address: “what are you clever and advanced”, “without you nothing would be.” Awareness of self-worth inflates self-esteem as a balloon.

4. Love of Disputes

The habit of capturing one’s point of view in a dispute by any falsity, defending one’s own vision of the situation is nothing more than an attempt to protect one’s values, to hide the inner uncertainty, to defend a part of one’s self.

5. Narrative

When we look at ourselves as if with moans and at the same time admire – this is also a kind of way of feeding the ego. What can we say about “modest people” who speak of themselves as geniuses, great people or historical persons, in fact they are not such.

6. Desire to instruct

A condescending smile, disrespect for the “silly” interlocutor, a desire to open his eyes and show “the true path” is another example of an inflated ego. Such a person thinks of himself as a guru and keeps on lecturing every now and then.

7. Increased attention to other people’s shortcomings

“Those around are blameless, who do everything wrong. I know better how it is better! “The truth is that such a person is fixated on the shortcomings of others instead of working with oneself and developing. He criticizes someone else’s stupidity and does not see his own.

8. The habit of making excuses

He is so afraid of losing the halo of “good” in the eyes of others that he is forced to live with a constant sense of guilt and fear of exposure. Such a person protects his value with constant justifications, writes off the displeasure of others that he was simply misunderstood.

9. The constant flattery

He so wants to seem important and necessary, that he is ready to lick the fifth point to his more powerful patrons, only to gain their disposition and not to lose the feeder. The ego is afraid of losing the status with which the “I” is accustomed to associate.

10. Self-healing

The ego can take and refined forms, turning a person into a real masochist who hates himself and feeds his guilt. “I’m so bad, because I did not / could not / offended / framed / late.”

11. Deceptive modesty

The ego likes to play in public, playing out “Mr. modestly” just to look even cooler. “Right, well, what are you all about me?” The man wears modesty in order to appear polite and agreeable.

12. The requirement of vendetta

Only the ego likes to respond by blow to blow under the guise of restoring justice or fighting for truth. The desire to pinch the enemy, put the player on the spot, avenge the painful insult – the unconscious intrigues of the wounded “I”, which is covered up with “noble” motives.

13. Heroic behavior

Heroism is the armor of the ego that a person wears to fight a world that does not suit him. The image of the martyr that up to the last stands for the “idea”, the sufferer who went against the system is another false “I”. The true hero is given patience, iron will and hard labor.

14. Anger and irritation

The ego is very indignant when interrupted, constantly interrupted, distracted, beat, do not listen to advice, and do not please a drop. It falls into a rage, if something does not go according to its scenario.

15. Anxiety and doubt

Finally, if a person is obsessed with evaluating his activities, if he depends on the approval of the majority and is afraid of change, he is also a slave to the ego. Concern about their appearance, presence or absence of some qualities, manipulation of status is a reluctance to lose value in the eyes of others. It is the ego who constantly asks: “Am I good?” “Do I like me?” “Do I need?”

You can get rid of the pressure of the ego if you try to be honest with yourself and not become attached to the habitual image of yourself, your life, dear people or things. We need to more often reconcile the external and internal reality, do not attach much importance to surrounding events, stop looking for nourishment of our own importance. Live the present, recognize yourself from different sides and cultivate awareness – only then you will know the taste of freedom.

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