15 valuable quotes about love and relationships

Are you sure that you know everything about healthy relationships? We offer a few hard, but accurate theses about what it means to love. We will help to understand the relationship between the sexes and get rid of suffering. Let’s tell, who should not be tolerated, how to become attractive for men and what is the guarantee of a happy family life. Relationships are not glued? It’s time to get to know the rules.

15 hard quotes about love and relationships 15 valuable quotes about love and relationships
Illustration: Sasha Kharitonova

15 hard quotations about love

1. Nobody loves people who do not have a core, and therefore all the time they bend. Do you want to be meaningful? Tired of feeling unnecessary? Clearly indicate your partner’s desires, principles and boundaries, he should know who is in front of him. Stem ladies are attractive in that they clearly understand what they want, what they will not tolerate and what to order for breakfast.

2. The whole difference between healthy relationships and neurotic attachment lies in the priorities of partners. Lovers boldly put themselves in the first place, neurotics often come to the detriment of themselves, pushing their “I” into the distant box.

3. The only criterion by which one should look for a partner for life is whether the person is clinging to someone or not? If you are worried next to him, after a meeting – think about him, and when you live together – worry and care, this is it! Love catches, the rest of the demands are in the furnace.

4. Modesty does not decorate. Want to die an old maid, having lived life with ten cats instead of sex, – continue to complex and tell what you are terrible. Want to get a family and the best man – do not be stingy to talk about your own merits. Your attitude towards yourself, as in a mirror, is broadcast to others.

5. It’s foolish to measure love by the amount of suffering experienced, the real feeling is how happy you are with each other. It’s one thing to struggle with real problems, the other is to suck the tragedies out of your finger, catching up with alcohol, grass, or Kafka’s gloomy novels.

6. A woman who has everything in order with her head does not think how to jump out quickly to get married . The idea of ​​urgent marriage and childbirth is a clear indicator of dissatisfaction, and internal insufficiency has never led to happiness. Remove the significance of the goal, stop depreciating.

7. Excessive immersion in the world of another, obsession with a partner and his dreams means that the person himself is empty inside, has neither interests nor aspirations. Alas.

8. Do not go to bed with someone who has more problems than yours, risk drowning and not get out.

9. The mistake of women in problematic relations is not a man who is a goat, but a diligent search for just such a partner, with whom one can suffer enough, satisfying the deep need for the realization of neuroses. That is, it’s not the partner with his complexes who is to blame, but the lady’s habit to select the wrong men.

10. Do not like the behavior of a partner? Stop looking for excuses and put a point. The suffering of the situation will not change, if a person is not ready to meet, he treats you like a pig – there’s nothing to catch with him. For a healthy person, such a signal is an occasion to unwind a fishing rod, for a neurotic one – the incentive to lose oneself completely in love.

11. Constant concessions in the relationship, the habit of sacrificing their comfort for the sake of the family – a direct road to the hospital. The pledge of happy relationships lies in a stable psyche, in the ability to openly discuss problems and seek solutions, but not in endless compromises.

12. You must have a character. You can not tolerate what you do not like, you need to learn to talk about your preferences, feelings and moods. Otherwise, there will be resentments, misunderstandings, unjustified expectations and the inevitable parting.

13. Want to help a partner, improve his qualities, change attitudes? Then start working with your head. It is difficult to positively influence the other, to demand understanding and respect from a person, while remaining a real psycho.

14. Loneliness is a style of life that is expressed in the absence of interest in oneself and external passivity. Dependence on relationships is also a personal choice for everyone. The only time when we depend involuntarily is childhood.

15. How to find your man and build a happy relationship? You do not need special tricks, it’s enough to be yourself. We are loved for who we are, for our inner content, the rest are pleasant bonuses.

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