15 small changes that you can make in your life in 2018

There is no need to set grandiose goals, which although very desirable, but often still unworkable. Try to just make small changes, step by step, quite a bit. Believe me, they will have a very positive impact on your life.

1. Meet with friends at least once a week.

2. Remove your ex from social networks.

3. Let more people and events enter your life.

4. Feed your body with good food and throw out all unhealthy food. When you feel good outside, you will feel better inside.

5. If you ignore medical examinations, dare to take such a step. Your moral and physical health is worth it.

6. Write down all the reasons why you love yourself. Let this list always be at your fingertips. In moments of depression, despondency and despair, it is very, very useful to you.

7. Find time for yourself even with a very busy work schedule. Select at least one hour and sit in a quiet and peaceful place to “clean out” the head.

8. Remember the old hobbies and hobbies, for which you allegedly do not have time. The main thing is to start.

9. If you had an unsuccessful date, do not despair. In our world, as in the sea, a lot of different fish for every taste.

10. If you feel that you still have anger or discontent about something or someone from your past, write to them a letter expressing all your feelings. Therefore, burn this letter.

11. Give everyone a chance! Do not write a person off the account just because you have different views on politics or religion.

12. Make sure that you are surrounded by people who pick you up, and do not knock you off your feet. It makes no sense to communicate with those who do not wish you well. Set high standards.

13. Know that you can hurt someone who loves you. Also know that someone you love can also hurt you. This is just part of an endless process. Instead of being angry, take it as an experience.

14. Stop allowing people to step over you. Know your own worth. Be aware of your uniqueness. You will find love only when you sincerely love yourself.

15. Be patient. A lot of new things are still ahead, interesting and amazing.

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