15 Signs That It’s True Love

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Don’t we all spend our lives in the search of that one true love? The one love that will turn our lives around for the better and leave us smiling away to glory. Well, in today’s world where hearts are broken by the dozen, finding that one true love has become difficult. How do you differentiate between infatuation

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Dainty me: Are you comfortable being yourself in front of your man? We love to be poised and graceful in front of our men, but face it ladies, even we have our less-than-perfect days.  If you know he won’t judge you for those moments but will love you because of them, it is true love

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Blinkers off: We all want to find love so bad that many a times we have blinkers on, accepting every flaw of the man in our lives. But when you take off the blinkers and you don’t feel like you’re compromising, you know you have found the one.

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Loyalty time: With so many hot guys roaming the earth, do you really not mind not getting to kiss any of them?  If being loyal comes natural to you and you aren’t even tempted to ogle at the hotness walking by, then you’ve probably found your prince and you’re kiss-the-frog days

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Embarrassing much: Burping, or heaven forbid, farting, is something we never do. But if it happens in front of him and he just ignores it and thinks you’re perfect anyway, he sure is a keeper.

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Yell it from the rooftops: When you are in love, you want the whole world to know that you are have found the one. If you are ready to shout it out from roof tops, it most definitely is love.

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Family time: We women are very careful about whom we introduce to our family.  So if you don’t mind introducing him to the family for their approval, then you really are head-over-heels in love with him.

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Cling along: We all need our space and tag-alongs are such bummers! But if you don’t mind that he spends every waking minute with you, in fact you enjoy it and look forward to spending time together, you are definitely bitten by the love bug.

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Care bears: Does your heart rate increase if he is as much as crossing the road? If you worry about how he’s doing when he’s out of town or down with a fever, then love has found its way into your heart.

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Time apart: When life seems imperfect without him and everything around pales when you’re with him, you know it’s love. You miss him like crazy and plan ways to spend time, don’t you? You have found that crazy stupid love, girl!

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It’s a WE thing: From a ‘U & I’ couple, you are now a ‘WE’ couple. You do everything together and plan stuff in advance. Be it holidays or a relative’s wedding, all your plans are made keeping in mind each other’s calendar.

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Secure love: You feel secure in your relationship and whenever you’re with him, you feel you’ve found where you belong. He makes you feel comfortable and just so wanted. These are all classic signs of love.

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Silence is gold: You are so comfortable with each other that you don’t need to do or say anything, and yet you have the best time together. You simply revel in the shared silences that speak volumes.

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It’s no sacrifice: Life is full of sacrifices both big and small.  But if you don’t mind sacrificing when it comes to him, even when he doesn’t demand it, you are hit and how.

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Promise time: Many of us make promises only to break them later.  But if the thought of breaking a promise made to your special someone causes you pain, then you are displaying the classic symptoms of the love bug. Welcome to the club!

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Physical emotions: You’ve gone past the crazy love-making and have a real emotional connect with him. There’s nothing lustful about it and yet it feels so perfect. Ah! True love for sure 🙂


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