14 types of kisses! Learn how to kiss properly.

Do you know how to kiss? Do not slobber lips, ears and other partner locations, do not leave “hickey”, considering it a sign of great love, not biting, without facing teeth, namely kiss! You do not know how? Then you’ve come to the address you are waiting for 14 interesting and exciting lessons.

9 maybach kiss 3 14 types of kisses! Learn how to kiss properly.

1. Vacuum kiss

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Produced “sucking a partner’s lips, as if you’re trying to suck out her soul and guts”. This kiss should not be long. The book gives advice: “… When your lips get tired, you need to kiss slowly weaken In no case, do not open their lips against lips partner unexpectedly Otherwise, you will hear a loud bang that can scare surrounding Proper termination can kiss… heard a soft hiss that comes from the area of ​​your mouths, but in any case not from any other place. ” If a kiss is executed correctly, “… a pleasant feeling of numbness, numbness and devastation spreads slowly throughout your body. You experience fatigue, lethargy, and bliss, similar to that experienced worker, just unload the car alone Stone-anthracite coal “.

2. Butterfly, Butterfly or

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As follows: “Draw near their eyelashes on strategically short distance to the cheek of your favorite Then, slowly, close and open your eyes so that the lashes lightly touch her cheek With proper execution..” Butterfly “in your drolyushki should be in tact your blinking loudly and excitedly beating heart. improper performance she will give the illusion that it obsessively pursues a fly. ” Side effects: “On closer examination of the skin of your favorite you can suffice” Kondraty “(well, pimple volcanic make out or something) Do not pay attention (but not to the extent that an outsider could.” Slyamzit “your purse) Focus exclusively on! Morgan, but poor performance of “butterfly” be prepared to get a rolled-up newspaper on your brazen face. “

3. “Pats” earlobe

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“Experiments in the” Pats “ear lobe tongue or by light of sucking carry a considerable amount of risk. In addition to its erogenous qualities, the ear has a tendency to hear and listen to all kinds of sounds. And so your love with careless performance you caresses can hear sounds reminding her not to heavenly music and the murmur of the water in the “tubzike” and a variety of bog-intestinal serenades. If you’re tempted by a Woman “Pats” lobe of her ear, you will be tempted to suck it a gold earring. So, forget te of their own enrichment, think about the main thing. Besides, you can choke the golden earrings, made of a copper penny, which has the status of an heirloom, and worth no more than rotten eggs.

4. Spoken kiss

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It was especially popular at the court of Louis XV. “Lovers pressed together lips and whisper to each other compliments, poems, madrigals.

Mouth very sensitive organ, and it is recommended that prior to this experience: to learn a poem (at least one, but not vulgar), brush your teeth (it’s in the book it is written), refrain from smoking and even alcohol use (these things in the Russian conditions is unacceptable) , herring, onion, garlic. “The poem, which you will learn by heart, sooner or later will end, and it means that you can switch to prose. it is not recommended to girls study the internal charter of military service, traffic regulations and do not try to p sskazat her the story of how the last time you become a patient STI clinic. If you have trouble, you remember the nursery rhyme or song.

Another side effect, which is to be feared that if someone catches you doing this, be sure that the reputation of a complete degenerate you provided to the grave. But if your girl like Elementary kiss, you’ll soon be able to become an expert in the field of poetry.

5. Spy kiss

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“It is used exclusively by the girls. It has the purpose to find out by means of a kiss, not drunk if you and if you do not drink wine the day before (in, beast, eh?).”

What can we oppose this barbaric and unscrupulous reception?

a) the refusal to kiss because of a toothache;

b) at a meeting with her beloved declare that you have the flu, sore throat, tuberculosis or, in extreme cases, syphilis flyweight (bath and laundry) form;

c) antipolitsay in large quantities.

6. Kiss hands

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“This is a historic and most gallant kiss of all beings.” Lead to thrill even the latest slut from next door. His technique is extremely thin and requires ease of behavior and clever facial expressions (or at least not stupid). Performed in a bow. In no case do not bring a hand ladies (that is, your girls) to his lips. Kindly pohrustet inflexible backbone and told his mouth to her hands. “It expresses adoration, respect and admiration. Only if the man is much older than girls, he can afford to bring a lady’s hand to his lips.”

This kiss is used today are extremely rare because of its apparent obsolescence. Especially good impression you will make on a girl, and most importantly – to the surrounding girls and women, because she was at that moment will be the envy of all the ladies. On such a gallant encircled all dream, but no one will does not admit it. It is performed slowly. Desirably accompany bow compliment. ( “Hey, girlfriend, cool look, nishtyak!” – this is not a compliment, and your personal zhlobstvo).

Lowers his eyes, gently, like a mother’s crystal vase, made of glass bottle, take her hand and gently kiss. Please be aware that if your hand ladies left a trail, so she did not wash hands of a few days, or you – transvestite and use of cheap lipstick.

7. Avtopotseluy

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“Behind the scenes follow the car of his favorite and at the moment when it starts to slow down at a red light, you gently bump into her rear bumper. Her heart was transfixed with fear and excitement, and at this point in her car window displays your smiling face” . Caution: make sure that the car of your chips belongs to her, not her papa or underground lover of the Tambov gang. Do not use avtopotseluy on unfamiliar girls (that is, on the girls to apply generally prohibited, are meant cars unfamiliar girls). Be prepared to part with his girlfriend, and a large sum of money.

8. Kiss-intrigue

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“To be able to kiss the girl you like, should inspire the society in which you are caught, the next game. Everyone sits down at the table and passed around the map (all the same kind, but preferably still a playing, not the Moscow region). However, the card should be keep the lips and give it to your neighbor (it is better to have surrounded the women) exactly on the lips. Whoever dropped the card, I have to kiss a neighbor. If you successfully pass the card, you will visit a sense of satisfaction and pride in their skill. “

In this silly game is easy zhilit. First of all, sit down like a girl. Further, passing the card, drop it (the card, not the girl) and kiss you provided. Dropping the map view on face disappointment and regret over the imperfections of your technology in this challenging game. And finally, if you give Ace, it does not mean that you have to pass six of clubs or neighbor scream that you have won and with all due at ten rubles.

9. “Eskimo” Kiss (as coined by the Eskimos)

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“The general opinion that kissing Eskimos – this is the usual kiss, saving lips inhabitants of the Nordic countries from frostbite – wrong Eskimos come into contact with their tiny noses and rub them right and left This is a kiss..” Popsicle “This kiss is very popular in. . some tribes in Africa Charlz Darvin said in his notes on the same kiss, which he saw in Malaysia: “Two young women sat facing each other on their heels, raised their faces upward and rubbed their noses. Such a kiss greeting lasted a little longer than a handshake. With women published lingering (I would say obscene) moans profound physical satisfaction. “” Eskimo “requires skill and training. You just try and soon discover that it is very pleasant to engage with someone you love (with someone you love, and die not scary) . you just imagine:

You: – My angel, do you want me to show you a kiss “popsicle”?

She: – Of course, I want snakes! And how many will laugh … The main thing is not to gouge his “shnobelem” her neat nose in the blood!

10. Electric ramp

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“Produced with minimal lighting and stand you and your partner make friends from different parts of the room (as in a duel) to a distance of 2 steps then slowly lean to one another only thing you come in contact with each other, -…. This is your lips kiss should be long (long enough dyhalki), with a bite and as a spark of the eye is not will fall. If a moment you feel that the room is too light, the kiss “torpedo” was executed correctly. ” Here the main thing – not to miss and fall.

11. Franco-British Kiss

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Why French-English? Because in France, this kiss is called in English, and in England – the French “In some countries, known as the” kiss of the soul “(not in the sense of” choke “, and in spiritualistic sense) It is believed that part of the soul can be transmitted to the partner by means of language contact.. . and the kiss is known as “the struggle of tongues” The main thing here -.. not to bite tongue partner and do not shove it so far as to your partner suffocated In our country the term “French kiss” give a different meaning, but we must remember that in. rest of the world, “French” on kiss means “struggle of tongues.” Do not fall into the trap!

12. Special or Hi Aunt Sally

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This is an all-female kiss and used to disorient and eliminate rivals, rival, fierce vrazhiny etc. “. A cordial and savory kiss on the cheek is produced in the elongated tube, moist with joy and thickly pomaded bright lipstick lips that kiss execution must be accompanied by the loudest sound effects:. Smack, breathing, sobbing, ecstatic” Ax! Ox! Wow! “On special occasions is not a sin and put slezu.Pri properly performed this kiss will lead your competitor down and make it silent for at least an hour. In addition, you have spoiled it all your stupid lipstick makeup, and with luck and it hairstyle. But your mood is lifted to the level of the Eiffel tower or the height of the three cathedrals of Paris! … God! Mother! “

13. Kiss-pinch

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“This delicate kiss involves tingling lips lips your girl. At the same time kissing should not open his mouth, like a yawning in sultry lion noon. And it is not necessary at this kiss even try to suck out her favorite morning lunch. You gently pinched her lips as if them sweet honey. The most important thing is not to fall to the level of Winnie the Pooh. “

14. Kiss Marathon

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“No different from the others except for the duration of kisses. Requires a perfect silence and endurance. Udavshemsya considered a success, as a result of its performance in the ears start to ring.” Here the main thing – do not fall asleep. As the author of the book “The Art of the kiss”, the kiss is lulling vigilance girl action, and also makes it thrilled with how well-fed cat in the sun. If sleepiness overcome your lady, then consider that you have come aces poker. Do not think about the consequences, boldly, but in the highest degree, proceed with caution. In an extreme case, tell her in the morning, that they themselves do not remember, and that a child suffering from bouts of uncontrolled lunatizma.Budte ready to get slap in the face, two, three. After the third is better to let a tear, than let things slide flogging, which may result in a march by Mendelssohn. it is necessary to you? There are so many beautiful and seductive girls in which you have not yet experienced the latest (albeit old) kissing a system which has just learned.

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