10 ways to improve the sex life and how to properly equip the bedroom

It turns out that your private life can be killed by your apartment. The libido is affected by smells and dirt, which means everything that’s under your bed, in the bathroom or in the wardrobe. We identified the 10 most common obstacles to sexual satisfaction and formulated tips on how to keep the passion in your secluded corner.

1. Confusion

It’s about the same thing as bad breath, from the body, terrible kisses … If your apartment is dirty, then a potential partner can take it for a mess in your life, with a permanent, incorrigible mess. If you already live with a guy, and the bedroom is full of unpaid bills, dirty clothes, unfinished projects, then, seeing all this, your brain distracts and constantly yells: “We must carry things to the laundry! You have to pay bills! We must finish the project! “And if you can not relax, then you can not get enough. Therefore, cross your habits and decide what from your “treasures” you can throw away, what to donate and where to store what remains.

%name 10 ways to improve the sex life and how to properly equip the bedroom

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2. Family photos

Of course, you love your parents, brothers, sisters, children. But the idea that they are looking at you during the “action” can spoil the sex drive. In the bedroom you need to store only pictures of yourself and your partner. Hang photos where you are during a wonderful holiday, stimulating feelings of warmth, coziness, sensuality. Try to use images of nature, flowers, drawings with smooth lines and warm shades. And remember: the first thing you see at the entrance, creates a mood. Therefore, place the selected paintings where they attract attention.

3. Too much technology

Drive all the equipment out of your love nest. The bedroom should not serve as a home office. It should not have TVs, tablets, phones. The alarm clock will be enough. Remove all charges to the bathroom or toilet and rest in silence.

4. Gifts from the former

Any objects store memories, and they can draw you into a sexual routine (“my ex did so …”). The solution is quite simple: give these emotionally charged memories to a relative or put them somewhere far away, if you can not completely part with them. Down with the old, live with the new!

5. Dirty bathroom

The hair in the drain or soap on the dirty stand will obviously shower before, after or during sex unattractive. In addition, pay attention to the smell in the bathroom. Put flavors and air fresheners.

6. Wrong size of the bed

Single or double mattress of you with your beloved, of course, brings together. But the best bed is the one that you both fit with. For example, the size of a king-size. Pay attention to the decorative accents. A bed loaded with cushions becomes an obstacle to intimacy. It is better to get rid of them. Although, if you show ingenuity …

7. Accessories

Nothing kills the mood faster than a feverish search for a vibrator or condom. Toys for adults, drugs for contraception and other means should be easily accessible. Do not store them in a shoe box or bag. Choose such a repository so that it is opaque and preferably with a lock. The main thing – do not forget the combination: install SEX, and you definitely will not forget it in the fuse.

%name 10 ways to improve the sex life and how to properly equip the bedroom

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8. Sharp lighting

If you want to have sex in the dark, then find ways to create a soft glow in your boudoir. A 100-watt light bulb can extinguish any romantic mood. So take advantage of fabric shades, a burning fireplace, candles (and do not forget to keep matches within reach).

9. Under the bed

According to the postulates of Feng Shui, the area under the bed should be clean. Your subconscious knows what’s down there. If you still keep something under the bed, then let it be items related to sleep and comfort (knitwear, bed linen, nightgown).

10. Asexual bedroom

I never thought why it’s so easy to make love in Hotel? Yes, because the rooms there are separated, plus fine linen and soft pillows – nothing that would remind you of something and someone reminded them of being forced into memories. So turn your bedroom into the same cozy corner. Clean it, ruin yourself on a cozy bed, soft pillows and other things that will do everything so that you and your partner want to crawl into this bed. Throw old clothes, refresh the bedroom, add to it sensuality.

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