10 signs indicating that your dog is stressed

Assuming that a stressed dog is an unhappy dog it is important to be aware of signs that your dog lives under stress to begin Fight it and get our dog a happy and balanced dog.

Many owners are not aware that there is to meet certain needs of the dog . By this I mean, that some forget many times that the dog is a species different from ours, we tend to humanize it and treat it each time as more human and less dog. It is then when the dog begins to stress, because we often restrain its nature, and we do not realize it!

Does your dog present some of these behaviors?

  1. Licking your legs repeatedly as if They would not have finished cleaning.
  2. Excessive barbarism, many times, without justification.
  3. Aggressiveness on walks with most of the dogs you cross.
  4. Destruction of objects in the house.
  5. Excavations and holes in the garden, and even on sofas, rugs or beds.
  6. Persecution of the tail insistently.
  7. A state of apathy that does not change even if you give them toys.
  8. Allergies elongated over time
  9. Chronic digestive problems.
  10. Altered states of behavior: go from being hyperactive to being mushy for no apparent reason.Β 

Too many hours alone at home. What can lead your dog to stress? The dog carries very badly the solitude since it is a social animal that lives by nature in herd. Verse alone is a compelling reason for a stressed dog to live, so if you can get a solution do it as soon as possible. Possible solutions: take the dog to a canine daycare, take it to a friend or family member’s house to feel accompanied, etc.

Poor physical activity. The dog is also by nature an active animal. The coexistence with humans often leads the dog to be sedentary, and sedentarism is against nature. One of the main causes of canine stress is the lack of physical activity. That you are a sedentary person or that you do not have time for your dog can not detract from the health of the animal. The dog should do at least one hour of physical activity a day, whether walking, running or playing at home. Exhausting energy is a priority.

Lack of time. Having a dog means having time to devote. There is not an animal more loving and loyal than a dog, and of course, he also likes (rather than like, needs) feel loved. Pay as much attention as possible to your dog. Play with it, caress it, keep it in mind! What they say that there is no better scorn than not to make affection affects a dog much, therefore, love him as much as he loves you. It is easy to misunderstand these three guidelines that are essential to prevent our dog from being stressed. Fight those stress signals and let your dog live happily by your side.

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