10 Qualities of Emotionally Mature Men

Maturity is a quality that is acquired not so much with age as with experience, when a person becomes conscious and not afraid to look into the face of difficulties. What distinguishes an adult male from a weak and emotionally dependent? Before you are 10 qualities that are peculiar only to mature partners.

10 qualities of emotionally mature men 10 Qualities of Emotionally Mature Men

1. Not afraid to be sensual

Masculinity is a basic self-confidence that does not depend on the level of emotionality. Being a romantic, not afraid to express genuine feelings for your partner is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary. A mature man can demonstrate a colossal depth of feelings.

2. Will not subject a partner violence

A mature man will never raise his hand on his woman and certainly refrain from moral pressure. Heavy childhood, a bad mood or a desire to relieve tension is not a reason to throw anger on a partner, he knows the price of respect.

3. He is able to think about the consequences

Mature men plan life, but do not go with the flow. They know how to plant sprouts for the future, so they take care of the future. The burning of life, a spree without brakes is not peculiar to them, although some of the spontaneity is sometimes used as a seasoning for gray weekdays.

4. Do not whine in the face of difficulties

A mature partner does not like to complain about trifles, because he does not see much sense in this. He tries to surround himself with positively minded people, cares first of all about solving the problem, thereby saving his time.

5. Quickly forgets grievances

A clear sign of immaturity partner – the inability to let go of resentment, the desire to hurt in response, but pobolnee. A mature man knows how to let go of the past to make it easier to move forward. He is not afraid to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness if he was wrong. To cherish “offenses” is not his style.

6. Does not underestimate self-esteem for his woman

Such a man is confident in himself, and therefore will not begin to demean his partner in order to cover up his own weaknesses. He will never sink to the humiliations of her appearance, mental abilities or talents, because he knows he chose an equal woman who deserves admiration and support.

7. Respects the personal space in the relationship

He does not need to monitor her social circle or contacts, he has a sufficient level of self-esteem, trust for him is not an empty phrase. A mature man will not humiliate himself by reading someone else’s correspondence or by watching, he understands what personal boundaries are.

8. Will not run away from problems

Emotionally mature man is not afraid to face difficulties because he can make quick and effective decisions. Between his own comfort and the protection of loved ones he always chooses the second, because the happiness of his family is his priority.

9. Not concerned about the impression produced

He does not depend on the opinions of others, does not need admiration or praise, and therefore will not act out of the desire to please. They are motivated by their own motives, the desire to develop and be the best in their field, to choose what is interesting first of all to him.

10. Does not ignore the feelings of his woman

A mature man understands, a beloved woman is the same person who will be with him for life, and therefore it is foolish to deny her influence on him. The happier the better, and so is he. Therefore, he listens to her opinions and desires, helps cope with life’s troubles, takes care.

A mature man does not stop at what has been achieved, to be content with the small is not his method. He enjoys life in the process of overcoming himself, revealing new facets of the unknown, becoming head and shoulders above the past. He knows, while you work on yourself – you are afloat while you are moving in the right direction – you have something to live for.

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