10 features inherent in people with high intelligence

Did you notice that the smartest characters in books and films are a bit strange? They may have unusual manners, peculiar habits or strange communication skills. There are many reasons why geniuses are unique: from nature to upbringing. It is even said that this is due to genetics and the size of the brain. So, ten features, perhaps, explaining the strangeness of highly intelligent people.

10 features inherent in people with high intelligence 10 features inherent in people with high intelligence

1. They are extremely susceptible to sounds

Scrape of a feather. A crunch of carrots. Loud breath. The most primitive daily noises can be distractions. And very clever people for some reason can not filter out extraneous noise. There is a real diagnosis for such a condition – misophony. Mizophonyans (sounds almost like maniacs) there are changes in brain activity, when, for example, you crunch chips with them.

2. They are restless

When studying the relationship between anxiety and intelligence, most researchers came to the conclusion that it does exist. Allegedly, a highly functional brain always overestimates information, exploring it from different angles, which leads to anxious states and anxiety.

3. They are awake at night

Ancient people did not lead a nocturnal lifestyle. And this is understandable: there was no artificial light, and it was necessary to work and hunt only during the day. But there was electricity and, accordingly, new opportunities. It turned out that more intelligent people are often owls. And it becomes noticeable quite early, even from childhood.

4. They are single

And again about the ancient people. They gathered in tribes to survive. The world has changed, but we still live in a society. Communication with friends brings us a sense of satisfaction and, perhaps, happiness. However, researchers believe that the less a person’s friends, the more intelligent he is. And loners possess the so-called “highest intellect.”

5. They calmly survive the setbacks

Well, maybe not so completely calm, but smart people because of them are not so worried, but simply learn and enrich their experience. Conversely, people with lower intelligence learn mainly on their successes and focus only on them.

6. They are gloomy

If you laugh at black humor and forbidden topics, then you probably have a high intellect. In a psychological study on this topic, a group of participants who demonstrated a positive reaction to black humor also scored the highest IQ test results. Interestingly, this group showed the lowest level of aggression.

7. They are excessively modest

Many intelligent people doubt their intellect and blush with praise. This is called the “imposter syndrome”. One possible explanation is that talented people continue to grow and challenge themselves in life and in careers.

8. They are prone to alcohol and drugs

True geniuses are often associated with the abuse of alcohol or drugs. Why is that? One of the hypotheses is that people with high IQ are more open to new experiences. Researchers also point to the social isolation of people with powerful intelligence as a factor in experiments with drugs and alcohol.

9. They are often obscenely expressed

Just so – a colorful and juicy lexicon from abusive words can actually indicate a high intelligence. Most likely, intelligent people have mastered the maximum of vocabulary (and bad among others), because they skillfully operate with words with optimal meaning and intensity.

10. They are irreligious

Smart people are more likely to be atheists. The presence of high intelligence means that they all question, including religious postulates, and try to get to the truth on their own.

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