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🐱🐱Scrapers for Cats: Important in the life of your feline🐱🐱

Part of the instinct of the cats is to scratch objects. But the cats not only do it by instinct. For them, this is a way of communicating, marking territory and de-stressing . Hence the importance of providing a cat scraper to your feline. The cat scrapers come in a variety of styles and designs.

What do you think if before we talk more about the cat scrapers we take a more detailed look at why cats scratch Like the people, the cats also grow them Why the need for a cat scraper? . In order to maintain its size, it is necessary to scratch some object. Apart, this helps them to keep their nails strong. But the most important reason cats scratch objects is to communicate . In this way, they notify other cats or dogs that this is their territory.

CatScraper feat 🐱🐱Scrapers for Cats: Important in the life of your feline🐱🐱

But not only are the visible marks of the scratched . There are glands in the paws of the cats that release smell to be able to in this way leave footprint of what is their territory. On recognizing this smell, the cat feels at ease in its own territory.

If you keep your cat inside your house for a long time, you may have already noticed where your cat has left his “footprint.” Cats are domesticated but retain some feral features. The marking its territory arises from a physiological need that must satisfy. For your cat, any surface that is in the strategic place and that is the best thing that looks like a tree, will suffice.

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For this reason, it is necessary to install a cat scraper in your house. This will avoid disasters in your house.

As we have stated above, if a cat does not have a cat scraper it will naturally look for a Substitute to file your nails. That is, any surface inside your home. But there are several types of scrapers that you can give your pet.

  • You can use cardboard boxes that you no longer use. You can simply put it as a house for your cat to inhabit and scratch or you can use it in more creative ways.
  • The scrapers for cats made of rough doormat are another great option.
  • How about a bed / scraper? This can be made of cardboard, which is an excellent cat scraper.
  • The last option is to use ropes. This can be rolled into a cylinder and made available to the cat.

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